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Best laptop bags for travelling

If you’re going travelling for a while, or even just for a weekend away, you’ll probably want to take your laptop with you – and you won’t want it to get damaged. So, you’ll need a laptop bag that’s durable, dependable and has all the storage you need to take the extra stuff you’ll need (such as headphones, power-packs, adaptors, screen cleaner and more). For carrying a laptop and other gadgets you need a bag which will protect your possessions from dust and all the usual bumps and scrapes.

What do laptop backpacks provide?


You may think that just getting a bag for your laptop is no big deal. Just find one, and then click and buy. Easy! However, there are important things to consider if you want the perfect bag for your computer and all the other bits and pieces that come with it. Ideally, you need a bag which is sturdy and compact – you don’t want it to take up too much space if you’re travelling around. Strong straps are required.

Electronics require more care

Laptop bags are specifically designed to carry electronics, as you would expect. This means there is more padding which means you can prevent all kinds of potential problems that could arise when lugging your computer on your travels.

Lots of space

The interior of a laptop backpack is designed not only to keep your laptop safe and secure, but all your other electronic items too. Space is crucial, and laptop backpacks usually have lots of little sections and pockets for extras such as spare cables and lots more.


Laptop backpacks are very good value for money. Ebuyer sells a variety of excellent quality laptop backpacks for between £20 and £60 from trusted brands such as Targus and Razer.

Advantages of backpacks for laptops

  • Laptop Backpacks have strengthened and padded compartments for keeping your electronics stable and secure.
  • Most backpack straps and the back the bag are padded so it feels comfortable no matter how long you’re carrying it for.
  • A laptop backpack is designed to balance out the weight evenly on your shoulders and back.
  • There are multiple compartments within a backpack to store all the other essential gadgets you need for travelling.
  • They are perfect for the business professional, student or year-out traveller.

Backpacks really are the best way of transporting your precious laptop around, but there are also other things you might want to think about.

Sling Bag

A sling bag is a bit like a backpack. In fact, sling bags are sometimes called Sling Backpacks. The main difference between a sling backpack and a backpack is that a backpack has two straps and a sling backpack has only one.

With a sling bag, the strap goes over your chest and the bag itself will be positioned on your back, just like a backpack. Bags like this are often referred to as ‘man bags’ in the UK. Inside the bag there are several compartments, with the main space secured with a zip.

Advantages of the sling bag

  • When you carry a sling bag with your laptop and all other gadgets it will greatly reduce the weight and pressure as it has only one strap which goes over your chest.
  • The sling bag will allow you a hands-free walking because the bag will be behind your arms.
  • A sling bag has multiple side pockets and compartments so you can carry your laptop as well as other accessories.
  • They are comfortable and compact. Perfect for carrying small laptops, tablets and accessories.
  • They’re fashionable.

Sleeve laptop bags

These have become much more popular in recent years although not really ideal for travelling – although many people use them to transport their laptops within a suitcase as it provides extra protection.

As laptops have become much smaller, thinner and lightweight, these types of ‘bags’ have become widespread, but you have to hold them with your hand as there are no straps or belts for portability.

Sleeve bags are really just for your laptop – there are no extra compartments for other gadgets. They are comfortable and handy, but, as we said earlier – not ideal for travelling, unless you want an additional carrying ‘bag’.

Advantages of sleeve bags

  • Sleeve bags are smaller and handier than other bags.
  • Usually, sleeve bags are made in different colours and designs.
  • Sleeve bags are leaner and lighter compared to other bags.
  • Sleeve bags tend to be much cheaper than other types of laptop bags.

There are also other types of bags in which you can transport your laptop, such as carry-bags, shoulder bags, satchels, and miniature laptop cases on wheels. It may be that you’ll need a combination of travel bags for your devices. Safe travels!

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