Samsung Smartphone buyer’s guide

Samsung is a South Korean multinational company founded in 1938 by Lee Byung-chul as a trading company. As a leading developer of mobile telephones, Samsung was the first company to really put huge investment into foldable Android phones and their recent models include the Galaxy Z Flip and the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

Why buy a Samsung?

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OK, we’re looking at Samsung models specifically and kicking off with their brilliant design. Everyone is aware that Apple are well-known for creating beautiful devices, but Samsung are really pushing them when it comes to design aesthetics. Many android devices let themselves down just by the look – but this is one of the most important things that people look for when buying a new mobile. Not only do Samsung mobiles they look great, but they are very well built too.

Water Resistant Tech

When Samsung released the Galaxy S7, its competitors had little to offer when it came to water resistance – which put it way ahead of the opposition at the time. These days, it’s become a standard – and not before time. However, it was Samsung who grasped this problem first, and when companies lead in certain areas, it gives customers a reason to stay loyal.

Expandable Storage

If you store a lot of data on your phone and are often too busy to get around to moving it to the cloud, then you need something that’s expandable. With lots of videos, screenshots, movies, documents and photographs taking up room, Samsung allows you to install a huge SD card to give you a ton of space. All your storage issues are a thing of the past!

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App Customisation

Most people don’t actually use all of the apps at their disposal, and that’s the beauty of Android! You can select which apps you’re never going to use and customise your mobile to fit what you actually need. Nothing compares to the customisation to be found on Android.

Impressive Display

The Retina Display provided by Apple is mightily impressive, but have you ever had a look at the displays from Samsung? They are crystal clear, whilst still featuring deep, rich colours which are incredibly accurate. When compared to Apple’s Retina Display, any difference is barely noticeable.

Samsung Tablet Integration

A cool thing you can do if you have a tablet and a smartphone is control each of them via the other device! For example, you put your mobile on charge and access the home screen directly from your tablet and control it remotely. This is just one of the things you can do when you own both devices!

Battery Life

Manufacturers seem to throw up all sorts of figures when it comes to battery life, but let’s talk about the real world here! Yes, we know the length of battery is dependent on what you’re doing on your mobile, but generally speaking, if you’re a heavy user, you’ll still only need to charge your Samsung device once per day. For standard use, once every couple of days. However, it’s always a good idea to have a spare power pack with you, just in case you’re somewhere without a power source.


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Samsung cameras are amongst the very best in the mobile phone world. They take amazing photographs in all types of lighting, almost guaranteeing a top quality end product. Even if you only ever take selfies, Samsung cameras blow your socks off!

So, that’s the end of our quick round-up of Samsung pros. Of course, there are other brands out there which have impressive features, but Samsung has put together a wide range of advanced Android features combined with outstanding designs and high-quality product build which put them right up there with the very best.

What smartphone screensize do you need?

Similarly to TVs, screen size measurements for smartphones are calculated by measuring diagonally from the upper left-hand corner of the screen to the lower right-hand corner. ‘Larger’ screens are said to be those 6.5 inches or above, such as the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, for example, which has a 6.9 inch screen.

What screen size suits you best?

How do you know which is best for you? Well, there’s a simple little test you can do, to find out. Swipe your thumb across the phone screen from left to right in a curved arch. For the best fit, you should be able to reach to the centre of the screen.

 Do you use your phone with two hands?

How do you type on your mobile? Older people tend to use one finger, whilst younger people tend to use two digits. Large screens will probably feel more comfortable if you use two hands or have larger hands, whereas a smartphone with a small screen will be less of a stretch for all those one-hand typers. The good news is that if you’re still none-the-wiser, try the Galaxy z Fold2 5G and get the best of both worlds!

Here’s some common sense for you: Choose a bigger phone screen if you tend to work on your phone – which is becoming a more and more popular thing to do. Or, if you’re already used to using a large screen, stick with the size you’re used to, as going down in size never seems quite right. If you have large hands, or type using both, then that’s another good reason to go for a larger screen.

If you like to watch a lot of videos, play games or want to take advantage of a full and clear screen, look for a smartphone with a screen size of 6.5 inches or above.

How much phone storage you actually need?

Phone storage? How many people actually know about that? Well, we’re keeping this simple so even YOU will understand! You need to have enough space for files and software updates and then allow an extra 20% or so as a buffer. If your phone is slowing down and you need extra memory, you can gain more capacity with a micro SD card. If you’re unsure about all this stuff, ask at your local mobile shop.

Here are some simple figures. A 128GB smartphone can roughly store:

• 900 photos

• 60 minutes of UHD video

• 1,000 songs

• 100+ apps and games

• 20 movies

* It’s important to remember that these are just rough estimates, as the exact photo, video and app size will vary.

What’s the difference between the Galaxy Z Flip and the Galaxy Fold?

Both are designed to give you more space when you open them, but whilst the Z transforms into a larger, rectangular mobile, the fold actually opens like a book and provides an experience similar to that of a tablet. But what about the specs? Here’s a quick look…

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

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*5G Internal display 6.7 inches (1080 x 2636 pixels)

*Storage 256GB


Samsung Galaxy Fold

*7.3 inches (1,536 x 2,152 pixels)

*Storage 512GB


The Z Flip is the cheaper of the two, but both are going to test most people’s budgets as they’re not cheap. The Z Flip comes in either black, purple or gold – so it’s very limited choice of colours – but they look GREAT!

The mini 1.1 inch external display whizzes through your notifications, so you can check a text or incoming call without opening up the mobile. All you have to do is tap a notification on the external display and then open the phone, and that’s it. You’ll then be sent automatically to the relevant app.

Samsung has designed the hinge resistance so you can actually stand the phone upright if you want to watch a video or make a call while you’re in the middle of doing something else, essentially making it a stand-alone device. The fold actually runs horizontally through the middle of the 6.7 inch display.

Due to the design, this isn’t possible with the Galaxy Fold.

The top half of the phone becomes a viewing window, while the bottom half deals with the controls. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip comes with an all-day ‘dual battery’ that the tech giant promises will hold ‘more power in less space’. But in terms of battery capacity, the Fold has the Z Flip beaten.

Who is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip for?

You’ll feel a buzz of nostalgia holding the Galaxy Z Flip if you used to own a flip phone back in the day. It’s worth considering if you want a smartphone that’s easy to carry around but powerful enough to run multiple apps at once. But this is first version of the Z Flip doesn’t support 5G – the pricier Galaxy Fold does.

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You’ll certainly turn some heads with the Z Flip in your hand, but is the price justified? Head over to our Samsung Galaxy Z Flip review for our thoughts. Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G: key features You get a much larger foldout display on Samsung’s smartphone, making it better-suited if you enjoy multitasking on the move. The star of the show is the 7.3-inch Infinity Flex Display – you can shift and resize app windows with a tap or a drag. There’s a whopping 12GB of Ram keeping the Fold 5G ticking over. With the Samsung Galaxy Fold snapped shut, you’ll be able to use the 4.6-inch cover display.

It’s designed for one-handed use, which means the display sits in the middle of the phone’s frame rather than extending to all four corners. There are a total of six cameras attached to the Galaxy Fold. The list is made up of a 10Mp external selfie camera, 10Mp and 8Mp internal selfie cameras and three rear cameras – 16Mp, 12Mp and 12Mp. Who is the Samsung Galaxy Fold for? You’ll be leaning towards the Fold over the Z Flip if you like multitasking on your mobile – the 7.3-inch display is perfect for this. Big screen aside, the Fold is 5G capable which no doubt contributes to the high price.

Essential apps for your smartphone


It’s okay wanting to get fit, but not everyone has the money or the desire to join the local gym. If you’re in either of those camps, or just want to try something a bit different, then why not try 8Fit? It creates customisable exercise programs and meal plans to give you better health without paying out large chunks of money for something you hardly ever use. The app has some HIIT workouts which will keep you in shape without taking up too much of your life. Definitely worth a try. And you can do the exercises while watching the telly!


It’s easier to call at Buckingham palace and have a cup of tea with the Queen than it is to see your local doctor, so here’s an app that solves the appointment issues. You can pose your medical question to a database of real doctors using this app. It’s a short cut, and perfect if you’ve got one of those niggly problems.


Photo: Igor Moscalenkow / Shutterstock

We all have tens, if not hundreds of passwords to remember – and as the ‘expert’ advice is for us never to write them down, what are we supposed to do?? LastPass can handle all your logins along with credit card codes and secured notes. The app protects all your data by a single master password. Just make sure it’s a strong one!


In the ‘old’ days, if you need to scan a document you’d need a machine the size of Old Trafford! Times have thankfully changed and now you can easily scan documents on your mobile using the CamScanner app. This clever app can scan, crop and enhance images in no time at all, leaving you with digital docs and photos which are clear and easy to read.


Here’s an app all-rounder which has tricks galore, plus some good post-processing capabilities. App features include: live filters, exposure controls, a dedicated GIF recorder, a slow-mo mode, a QR code scanner and more!


Photo: OpturaDesign / Shutterstock

This is one of the world’s most popular (and free) photo editing apps. It’s so powerful that it gives you access to pretty much every image-tweaking tool created! You can adjust colour and remove objects from images easily and tweet the effects in high-quality. More than 100 million downloads have been completed, and it’s average rating is 4.5 – which is brilliant! Give it a try and see what all the fuss is about.

Adobe Premiere Clip

From trimming video clips to controlling the volume of your music, this app is nothing if not versatile! Why not try synching your home-made video to the beat of your favourite song and then give it that final pizzaz to look like a professional music video! You can also sync your projects across all your devices.

What is Samsung Bixby?

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Everyone seems to have their own virtual personal assistant these days and Samsung have Bixby which makes it easier to use your phone. Like a futuristic robot, Bixby learns, evolves and adapts to what you like to do, working alongside your favourite apps and services to help you get more done. Sounds a bit scary, but we think you’ll soon become good friends! Bixby will remember how you interact with it, to give you a more individualised experience. Fabulous!

What can you do with an S Pen?

Before we get stuck in to this, we need to say that virtually all of this information applies to every S-Pen from the Galaxy Note 9 to the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. The S-Pen gets its power from a super-capacitor battery rather than the classic lithium-ion batteries which power the Microsoft Surface Pen and the Apple Pencil. To fully charge your S-Pen, Samsung says it takes just 40 seconds, which is pretty incredible. If only we could charge our mobiles that fast!!

What does a full battery charge for an S Pen actually mean?

A full charge allows for up to 30 minutes of usage time or approximately 200 button clicks. When there is 20% power remaining, you will get a reminder to charge. This may change from Note to Note.

The S Pen uses a wireless charging method while resting within the body of the device to charge. It works differently from Qi Wireless Charging so it’s not possible to charge the S Pen with one of those.

Samsung estimates it uses 0.5mAh per full charge. What does that mean? It means that your S Pen shouldn’t affect your battery life at all. The good thing is, the S Pen still works without a charge. You just lose the remote capabilities until you recharge the S Pen again.

The tip of the S Pen is 0.7mm thick. It also registers up to 4,096 pressure levels. This is on par with the Microsoft Surface Pen 2 and most Wacom tablet styli.

You can buy S Pen replacements online in copper or black.

Operational distance

The S Pen operable distance with Bluetooth is 30 feet, give or take. So bear this in mind when putting it to use.

Multiple tips

A lesser-known feature of the S Pen is its multiple tips. Every recent Galaxy Note device comes with a little puller tool you can use to remove the S Pen’s tip, which you can then flip. It has a soft rubber tip, but you don’t have to stick with that – you can flip it for a hard plastic tip. When you receive your box, the little puller tool will be in there, so make sure you have a look for it!

There are lots of useful features you can try out with the S Pen. We’ve put together a useful list here, so try them out see which suit you!

*Take notes on the locked screen. Nothing much to do here, apart from take out your S Pen and write on the locked screen. Simple!

*Customise the pen button. To do this, press and hold the pen button. Then go into your settings’ advanced features section for the S Pen and select “S Pen remote” or “Air actions.” Then tap “Hold down Pen button to” and select the desired option. Have a play around and try them out.

*Add explanatory notes to a PDF. Open the desired PDF file in the Samsung Notes app and write whatever notes you want on it with the S Pen.

*Automatically change your handwriting to text. Turn on your S Pen and open the Samsung Notes app. Create your handwritten note and press save, then tap the handwriting-to-text icon in the lower toolbar. Of course, your handwriting will have to be reasonably legible for a smooth transition into text!

*Turn your stylus into a remote control. Go into your settings, then select “Advanced Features,” and then “S Pen,” followed by “Air Actions.” Then tap the toggle to turn on the “S Pen remote” option. Once you’ve done this, you can remotely take photos and videos. When you have the camera open and ready, simply tap the end of the stylus once to take a photo or begin a video. Tapping twice will switch between the front and rear cameras. This works when the stylus is less than 10 metres away from the device.

*Control your music and other media with the S Pen. Once you’ve set up your S Pen as a remote control, you’ll also have the ability to start and stop your media by tapping the end of the stylus while watching a video or listening to music.

Samsung cameras

Samsung are responsible for some of the best cameras ever to be fitted into a smartphone, but which of its many mobiles has the best Samsung camera?

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular Samsung releases and see which camera is best for your personal needs…

Samsung Galaxy S21/S21+

Photo: Mokji /

Whether you prefer the Samsung Galaxy S21, or the slightly larger S21+, you’ll find identical Samsung camera systems on both handsets. Designed by Samsung to make photography and videography a breeze on your smartphone, this triple-lens camera setup is sure to have all your needs covered.

From the moment you open up the 12MP+12MP+64MP rear camera, you’re sure to be impressed. The main 12MP lens on both S21 devices comes with optical image stabilisation to keep your shots in focus, while the second 12MP ultra-wide lens helps you fit more into the frame without needing to take a step back. The final 64MP telephoto lens is all you need to create a sense of depth in your shots too, and it’s perfect for portraits.

Photography features like Single Take, Night Mode and Super Steady Mode help to take your photos and videos to the next level – ensuring you can capture a single moment at multiple angles, shoot in darkness and steady any unwanted shakiness in a recording. Speaking of video, the S21 and S21+ are capable of filming in 8K – the highest resolution currently available. You can even edit in 8K using the S21 duo too, without having to import footage to a different device.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

The premium handset from Samsung’s 2021 flagship series, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra certainly doesn’t hold back when it comes to cameras. Front and back you can enjoy the very best Samsung photography tech, starting with the outstanding triple-lens rear camera. The rear camera system not only features a cutting-edge dual telephoto lens, but it includes an advanced Laser AF sensor to keep your shots focused.

The main 108MP wide lens on the S21 Ultra is the star of the show, and it’s more than capable of producing beautiful, professional-quality photos in any environment. Every detail can be captured with accuracy, and colours will always appear true-to-life even in bright or low-light environments. In fact, with Samsung’s Night Mode switched on you can even shoot in extremely dark conditions.

Accompanying the 108MP main lens, there’s also a 12MP ultra-wide lens and a dual-lens 10MP+10MP telephoto camera with both 3x and 10x optical zoom. With a few taps you can produce amazing portrait photos or nail closeups from mere centimetres away.

You’re more than covered when it comes to video too. Just like its predecessor – the S20 Ultra – the S21 Ultra can record 8K video (that’s four times better than 4K), 12-bit RAW video, and you can even edit in 8K directly on the handset. Super Steady Mode will be your best friend for action shots – just switch it on to instantly stabilise your footage.

Of course, we can’t forget about selfie cam either. The wide-lens 40MP camera is guaranteed to capture your good side, and auto focus on the front will help to counteract any unwanted blur.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

Photo: Lukmanzis / Shutterstock

A new Samsung release in 2020, the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE has been designed with two brilliant cameras on the front and back. When it comes to ultra-clear video calls, vlogging and picture-perfect selfies, the 32MP front camera has it covered, while the triple-lens rear camera system offers everything you could need to take professional-looking photos day and night.

Diving into the rear camera system further, you’ll find three unique lenses. The first is the main 12MP wide-angle lens, the second is a 12MP lens with an ultra-wide field of view while the final 8MP telephoto lens is a must for taking close-ups, macro shots and recreating the popular blurred background effect known as bokeh.

The camera has some impressive zoom capabilities, with both 30x Space Zoom and 3x Optical Zoom available. You can focus on the smallest details, or get closer to action happening further away without having to worry about sacrificing photo quality.

There are plenty of useful, Samsung-exclusive photography features built into the handset. Night Mode, with some help from Samsung’s largest dual-pixel sensor yet, means you can shoot in dim conditions and still receive a vibrant, well-lit shot, while the innovative Single Take ensures you’ll never miss the winning shot. Once you switch the feature on, just press the shutter button and the handset will automatically take the best photos, alongside videos ranging from 3 to 10 seconds in length.

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra

Photo: Junior_Cinematic / Shutterstock

Accompanied by the intelligent S Pen, this big-screen flagship comes with an impressive triple-lens Samsung camera system with added Laser AF sensor on the rear, and a 10MP selfie camera.

The rear camera on the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra promises to deliver beautiful photos and videos, no matter what environment you’re shooting in. The 108MP main lens ensures even the finest of details can be captured, and colours will remain vivid and vibrant – even when light levels are low.

Meanwhile, the innovative 12MP telephoto lens not only makes producing a blurred bokeh background effect easy, it also makes sure you can zoom in freely without compromising on the quality of your snaps. In fact, you’ll be able to reach up to 5x Optical Zoom and 50x Space Zoom – a super resolution zoom enhanced by intelligent AI Samsung tech.

The final lens on the handset is a 12MP ultra-wide lens, perfect for landscape pics, or for large group photos. With a 120-degree field of view, fitting everything inside the frame will never be a struggle again.

Thanks to 8K and 4K video recording, creating a professional-looking video has never been easier on a smartphone. When shooting in 8K, you’ll be able to select any 33MP still you please from a recording (perfect for thumbnails on YouTube, or if you want to make sure you don’t miss the perfect moment), and with Super Steady Mode activated, Advanced AI stabilisation technology will smooth out your footage for you.

Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Note20 5G

Photo: Mr Mikla / Shutterstock

Built into the Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G, you’ll find two cutting-edge cameras. On the rear, you’ll find a triple-lens camera system, with a 12MP main lens, 64MP telephoto lens and 12MP ultra-wide lens working together to produce stunning photos. The 64MP telephoto lens, in particular, will help you add depth to your photos, and you’ll also have the ability to use up to 30x super resolution zoom, and take close-up shots of objects from just centimetres away. On the front, there’s a 10MP camera, which is fully equipped to take fantastic selfies and to help you make high-quality video calls with loved ones.

Taking pictures in low-light conditions has been made easy thanks to Samsung’s Night Mode. Colours will appear as vivid as ever, and the smaller details won’t get lost in the darkness. Flaw Detection is also on hand to make sure you never end up with unusable pictures – you’ll be notified if someone blinks in a photo, if there’s any unwanted blur or if you have a smudge on the lens.

Shoot in 4K or 8K and activate Pro Video Mode to gain full control over things like ISO, shutter speed and manual focus. When recording 8K video, you’ll be able to use Video Snap, which will allow you to take a 33MP still from any moment in your video. Live Focus Video also helps you to adjust and control the amount of background blur too, while Super Steady ensures unwanted shakiness is a thing of the past.

Samsung Galaxy Note10+

For Samsung Galaxy Note series fans, the Samsung Galaxy Note+ is the device to go for if you’re serious about your smartphone camera. This handset features four cameras: a 16MP + 12MP + 12MP triple-lens rear camera with added DepthVision lens and a 10MP front facing camera.

Starting with the rear, the 16MP Ultra Wide lens shoots with a 123-degree field of view which matches that of the human eye. You’ll never feel limited by the camera’s scope, and you’ll be able to squeeze more into the frame, making it perfectly suited for shooting outdoors. The 12MP wide-angle camera, meanwhile, features a dual aperture, and automatically flips between the two, to bring light to dark scenes and make sure details remain sharp even in bright daylight. There’s also an added Night Mode which utilises the camera’s dual-aperture feature for super low-light photos.

The final 12MP telephoto lens with 2x optical zoom is an essential for taking portraits, and for the device’s bokeh abilities (both for photo and video). The additional DepthVision lens enhances the handset’s ability to create this professional blurred background effect, giving you greater control over the focus of the image. Samsung’s Quick Measure and 3D Scanner features, which are also found on the Samsung Galaxy S20+ and S20 Ultra, are also present.

The Samsung Galaxy Note10+ can record up to 4K UHD at 60fps, and uses HDR10+ and Dynamic Tone Mapping for more true-to-life colour. Live Focus video helps you achieve a blurred background effect in film, and there’s a selection of special effects to choose from to add an artistic touch. The built-in editing studio can be used on both photos and videos too, and you’ll be able to do everything from adding subtitles and inserting transitions to changing the speed of a video with a few taps.

You can also make the most of the Zoom In Mic when recording on the Note10+, which can focus in on specific sounds as you zoom in or out. Pinch and zoom in on a subject, and the sound it’s making will become clearer.

Looking forward to taking photos on your new Samsung handset?

Samsung phones are good at pretty much everything. This includes gaming, since most Samsung devices come with powerful processors and generous servings of RAM, and offer dazzlingly vivid — and large — displays, which are perfect for playing the latest games.

Enhance your gaming performance

Photo: Lukmanazis / Shutterstock
  • Swipe down on Home screen and tap on the ‘Settings’ icon in the top right corner.
  • Tap on ‘Advanced features’.
  • Tap on ‘Games Launcher’.
  • Add ‘Game Launcher’ app.
  • On your home screen open the ‘Game Launcher’ app.
  • Tap ‘Game performance’.
  • Set game performance to ‘Focus on performance’
  • Tap ‘Apply’

What is 5G and do I need it?

What does 5G mean?

Following on naturally from 2G, 3G and 4G is the fifth-generation of mobile networks – 5G. The latest phones are now being launched with 5G capability, with network providers following suit to provide 5G enabled plans. With Samsung you can buy either with a 5G enabled plan or SIM free 5G enabled mobile phone.

How will 5G improve my mobile experience?

Once you’ve sampled 5G, you’ll never look back. 5G allows you to stream, download, and browse at much faster speeds than 4G. It’s even moving towards replacing broadband itself, as it is so superior. Whether you’re at home or out and about, you’ll enjoy the same data speed with 5G

Laggy video calls and waiting for hours whilst Netflix buffers are now things of the past thanks to 5G. 4K streaming directly from your device means that you can get outstanding video quality which is 4x Full HD resolution. It’s a huge increase in quality and speed.

Low-latency gaming

If you are a fanatical gamer, then you will love the opportunities that 5G provides, as it boasts low latency and high speeds for gaming. This applies to both mobile and gaming devices plus laptops through a hotspot. Higher speeds also means that you can play augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) games hassle-free. In the past, you needed stable Wi-Fi or wired connection to give you smooth game play. Now you can play with confidence and concentrate on your gaming, not when the next glitch will happen.

What is the Galaxy Ecosystem?

This is basically the name for how Samsung makes it easier and more comfortable to use Galaxy products. It enables more advance communication between devices and allows you to communicate with others from anywhere you happen to be.

Galaxy Buds Auto Switch

Photo: Alesiakan / Shutterstock

Thanks to Galaxy Buds Pro you can easily and effortlessly switch between your Galaxy smartphone and your Galaxy tablet. Or, let’s say you want to switch from your smartphone to your tablet when watching a movie. Well now you don’t have to manually change over the Bluetooth connection. If you get a call from one of your friends while you are in the middle of watching some YouTube videos on your tablet, your Galaxy Buds Pro will automatically switch to your smartphone. It allows audio to be communicated between devices that are nearby and connected to Galaxy Buds Pro, providing you with a fantastic, seamless experience.

Exactly what happens?

When you get a call, you will hear the ringtone on your Buds Pro. You can then answer the call by simply tapping them once or alternatively, you can press the ‘Call’ button on the screen of your smartphone. As soon as you finish the call, the connection switches back to your tablet and you can resume watching the video.

Speed up your phone

How can you speed up your phone? There is one little thing you can do and it will make a difference. You have to disable the home button shortcut for Samsung’s voice assistant, S voice. Once you’ve done this you will notice much less delay when exiting apps. Your Galaxy mobile is actually waiting for you to tap the home button twice to turn the feature on, every time you press it, so it takes time. To disable the voice assistant, touch the three dots in the upper right-hand corner and tap settings. Next, uncheck the “Open via the home key” box, and you’re sorted.

Keep those backlit keys on

The lit keys immediately underneath the Galaxy’s display turn off automatically after a few seconds – and that really annoys a lot of people. If you’d like the keys to be backlit all the time, it’s a very easy fix. Go to Settings and select Display. Scroll down and tap ‘Touch key light duration’. Now select ‘Always on’. And the job is done.

Keep certain pictures and files private

Photo: Karlis Dambrans /

If you’re the owner of a Galaxy S5, there’s a new feature called Private Mode. This may be rolled out to other Samsung devices, so watch out, as this is very useful! This mode lets you keep certain photos and files completely private.

You have to be in Private mode to see them, but once turned off, no one else will be able to access your private stuff. How do you get into Private Mode?

The easiest way is to tap the Private Mode icon in the Quick Settings menu after you drag your finger down the screen. You will then need to identify yourself. A fingerprint is the easiest way, although you can also use a password, PIN or pattern to get access. When you have activated private mode, select one of the multiple files, followed by the menu button in the top right-hand corner. This is represented by three dots – then tap ‘Move to private’ and you’ve done!

Other Samsung products and accessories

There’s been an explosion of technology in the last few years, and Samsung are responsible for much of it! Not only does Samsung have outstanding mobiles, their watches are also flying off the shelves. Add to that, a huge range of accessories such as Galaxy fit (their version of Fitbits), stylish cases for their Flip and Fold models, Wireless charges, SmartTags and Galaxy Buds – and the Samsung Galaxy family of products continues to grow. And they’re all high-quality, beautifully designed products.

Let’s take a quick look at the Samsung SmartTags

These compact Bluetooth powered SmartTags attach easily to keys, bags, or even the family pet – which is a great idea (especially if you have a cat or an extra-active tortoise!). If you think your lost item is not far away but you’re still having no luck, just tap the ring button on your mobile and follow the familiar sound of your ringtone calling for you. And you can adjust the volume!

You can also control various IoT (Internet of Things) devices to make your smart home function more effectively with just a single click. Turn the lights on in your home before you arrive! There are so many things that these useful Samsung devices can do to make your life so much easier and fun!

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