A connected Christmas for the whole home…

Connecting the family this Christmas

Our favourite time of the year is here, and it is here in full swing. With the onset of the Christmassy atmosphere at home and on the high street, many of us will be thinking about raiding the loft and getting the decorations out. After all we are going to have to make up for the last year’s lost Christmas celebrations.

Hopefully Christmas this year is going to bring our families and friends together just like it used to be pre-pandemic – the way it should be. If you’re the one hosting the entire lot at your house this year, you might have already started to gather the bare essentials for the house of party. It is fair to say that in this day and age, things we work with day in-day out would count as ‘must haves’ for any home, for example all of our tech gadgets! viz. gaming console, mobile phones, voice command virtual assist speakers, Wi-Fi cameras and even a humble doorbell outside our house. None of which would work if it was not for internet. I feel one of the key elements of a successful family get-together, Christmas of a casual weekend meet is a strong Wi-Fi connection that connects not just our devices but also connects the family.

Weather it is just Santa Clause coming to town or your entire clan coming to your home, promising a powerful Wi-Fi flowing all around your house is guaranteed to give your guests and your family the experience they need during festivities. Thankfully this is now easily done with what they call a “Whole Home Wi-Fi Mesh System”. By now you might have already heard of Mesh Wi-Fi but I’d like to just reiterate why this is probably the best decision for you as it was for me. To put it simply, Whole Home Wi-Fi ensures strong Wi-Fi connection across all corners of your house and all under one network, allowing over a 100 devices to be connected at any point.

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Here is the best part, it is so simple to install that my 11 year old son could have configured it using ever so easy TP-Link Deco App. This app allows you to intelligently place the Deco units which then auto connects to each other, without the need for any manual intervention.

One more thing. if I ever get to that extension I want in my house, I can always extend the network by simply adding another Deco. All Deco models communicate to each other and your Wi-Fi network remain expandable at any time. TP-Link Deco makes any home network all ‘future proof’. Talking about which, if you’re confused about which Mesh Wi-Fi to go for and one that fits well in your household, checkout the various TP-Link Deco models here. Alternatively, find out what works best for you by clicking on the banner below:

One of the key reasons for me to invest in a TP-Link Deco Whole Home Wi-Fi system is forthe want of Parental Control. During Christmas, we know kids will be kids and they all would have their tbs and mobile phones. With kids of certain age in the house that consume and create internet content by means of games and education, it is utmost important to keep a watchful eye. TP-Link Deco allows me to monitor sites, time certain devices for internet use and even block content I don’t want to show on selected tabs and laptops.

Gone are those days where I use to buy an annual subscription for a third party antivirus software. TP-Link Deco (specific models) comes with a built in Homecare anti-virus, covering all of our online devices in the house and just as any old antivirus should do, it also quarantines any guest devices for me as soon as they log on to my networking, using the guest ID and password I created. So bring it on party people, you get your own network this Christmas!

This post has been sponsored by TP-Link

One for the gamer

If you’re expecting a gaming crowd during festivities which would of course out that much expected strain on your home Wi-Fi network, we’ll we’re in luck for there’s nothing like a Mesh Wi-Fi connection. Mesh Wi-Fi ensures a reliable and uninterrupted internet to all your gaming devices at all times making it ideal for any gaming set up. What’s more, it even prioritises your gaming devices for faster performance when you need it most. They call this Quality of Services, but this is pure quality for me in all aspects of a home Wi-Fi network.

Well, a lot has been read and it’s time for you to deliver a performance Wi-Fi all throughout your home this year end. TP-Link Deco units would also make an amazing gift to ones that need it most. Let’s all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Ank Bagga
TP-Link UK
Retail & eCommerce Marketing Manager

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