Stay safe with Ebuyer this Black Friday!

It’s a bit of a shocker but since Black Friday first began, there have been fourteen deaths in the USA from crimes related to the American-originated sales bonanza so far – so far! As well as that sad statistic there have also been many injuries recorded – broken arms and legs and so on. You can read about them all at the weird but interesting website Black Friday Death Count.

The opportunity to queue up outside a store for hours in the cold in the early hours of a November day isn’t really that attractive, is it? But throw ridiculous levels of bargains into the mix and suddenly the whole shebang becomes a must – even if it causes a temporary loss of behavioural control for some folks once the doors open. We’ve all seen those wild TV pictures of normally sane citizens absolutely losing their… cool.

At Ebuyer (where there are bargains all year round) we have a simple solution so that you can protect yourself from injury and potential death. It’s so simple that you’ll be stunned. It is: Shop online. 

Yes, shop online. Simply take advantage of Ebuyer’s series of stunning Black Friday deals. Bag your bargains the new-fashioned way. A couple of clicks and it’s yours, delivered to your door. No fighting, no fuss. Save yourself not only money, but also physical health and mortality! How about that for a sales pitch?!

Shop Ebuyer’s Black Friday deals!

The advantages of shopping online

Live Chat

When browsing the Ebuyer.com website you’ll notice a pop-up which appears on the screen. We have actual people – all based in Head Office in East Yorkshire – who can help you if you have a question. Take the stress out of it all – our customer service people are friendly and knowledgeable, so if you are unsure about any products on the website they can help.

Pay at your own pace

When you shop online you can take advantage of several ways to pay for your items. For example, Paypal Credit and Klarna.

PayPal Credit behaves like a credit card, but without the plastic! It’s a credit limit attached to your PayPal account. If your application is successful, it can be used for purchases in most places where PayPal is accepted.

Klarna is a ‘buy now, pay later’ service (or a point-of-sale financing service). Customers can use it to spread the cost of a purchase across three months. Your item will ship to you straight away and an email will be sent to you indicating when the payment is due.


When you shop online there is a slight wait for your goods, which you probably won’t have with an in-store purchase. But you don’t have to wait for long as we have super-fast delivery options available. Usually the savings from buying online more than offset the postage or courier costs and so you’re still much better off! Plus, you won’t have the hassle of transporting your goods home!


Buying online has changed the way people shop. Due to the rise of smartphones, you can browse, order and pay for what you want from the palm of your hand in mere seconds.

Shop Ebuyer‘s Black Friday deals!


Online retailers carry more stock than traditional storefronts due to the way they are set up. Plus, it’s easy to keep track of the thing you are after – if you take a look at Ebuyer’s website you’ll be able to see if the item you’re looking at is actually physically in stock and therefore available for you to buy.

Forget the crowds

Well, we’re back where we started. One of the main reasons you are better off shopping online, especially at Black Friday, is convenience. Big crowds can be a real pain in the everything. It can be sensory overload – noisy and busy (and, hey, who wants to be in a busy crowd during a pandemic anyway?). It can be hard to get to the items you want. Other people’s social skills can be a challenge. Buying online with Ebuyer for Black Friday eliminates all these issues and anxieties.

So that’s it. Enjoy Black Friday – or, rather, enjoy that amazing tech you got for a bargain price from Ebuyer all through November, leading up to Black Friday itself!

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