Weird Black Friday deals from the past!

The Black Friday time of year is here and Ebuyer has some fabulous special offers to save you lots of money! However, we thought we’d take a quick look back to find some of the more unusual Black Friday deals which shoppers were tempted with…

 The Tomsenn Dog Lion Mane (2017)

Scare the hell out of your loved ones and people in the park, by dressing up your dog as a lion! Yes, what fun you can have scaring people half to death as they go for a relaxing walk. It makes complete sense. Pretend you’re ambling across the plains of Africa rather than in your local park – and don’t forget your “lion-bag” for when your ferocious King of the Jungle goes to the loo!

Launched for Black Friday 2017 with 50% off, this majestic hair-do is still available now.

Donald Trump Toilet Bowl Brush Cleaner with Holder Stand & Storage (2019)

Black Friday shoppers in 2019 had the pleasure of buying this Donald Trump bog brush, and it was a best seller – apart from in the Trump heartlands, of course. Thousands of American’s revelled in sticking Donald down the pan, even though it messed up his signature hair-do!

The Chthulu knitted face-mask (2017)

This bizarre face thing is the sort of thing that will prevent you getting on a bus. However, if you’ve got a strange octopus fetish, then you’ll be as happy as Larry as you walk down the high street with your tentacles flapping in the breeze. These were heavily discounted in Black Friday 2017 for $9.99 and unfortunately are still available today.

The Potato with attitude (2012)

Remember the days when all we wanted from a potato was for it to be sliced, deep fried and then positioned next to a burger? Well, in 2012 this “simulated science kit” from Think Geek changed all that.

All you had to do was hook the “PotatOS” unit into the spud of your choice using the provided pins, and your potato would start flinging insults at you. It’s not great for your own self-esteem when your own veg is acting all superior to you, but what can you do? Eat it!

There is hope!

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