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Okay, this is a tech blog and so you probably expect the word ‘resolutions’ in the title to be something to do with computer monitors or televisions, don’t you? But, because this is a blog written by an actual human being and not a blog-bot, and because that human being is in the midst of the end-of-year holiday season, it means something else! This time ‘resolutions’ refers to those little promises made annually by most of us…

As a year ends and another one begins, we look back and forward at the same time. Celebrate our triumphs and (hopefully) put a cap on our troubles. Think about the next year and what we’d like to improve or change. What will we do differently? What will we give up? What will we aim for? Well, here are some resolutions to give you a helping hand, or at least something to think about splurging your Christmas cash on, as we head into 2022. Blimey! 2022 already! Best get spending!


This coming year I will look after my eyes

Your eyes are extremely important, and it’s surprising how much we abuse them – and we don’t just mean watching re-runs of rubbish like Mrs Brown’s Boys because there’s nothing else on! We mean not taking care of them by having an incorrect prescription (if you wear glasses or contact lenses). And we mean not protecting them further by sorting out the settings of the screen output on your smartphone, laptop, tablet, desktop PC and TV. There’s no getting away from living in a digital world, so the least you can do is spend a few moments adjusting things so that you’re not going to strain your eyes.

But, to really look after your eyes – and your soul! – then what we wanted to talk about here is that you should be going for a 4K TV or, at the least, a Full HD model. The benefits of seeing a clearer, sharper image are instant. Because the picture is better, your brain is more comfortable and doesn’t spend processing power trying to sharpen up fuzzy edges or dark patches in what you’re looking at. The TV does that ‘correction’ work for you, and presents you with crisp imagery just as the TV or film makers intended.

Even if the source material, the show or film you’re watching, wasn’t originally made in HD or 4K, then some TVs can cope. They have a feature called ‘upscaling’ – which means that 1080p and lower resolution content is artificially upgraded to 4K. It’s not as good as actual 4K content (you can’t just put additional detail into a picture where there isn’t any) but upscaling does actually offer a significant improvement.

Take a browse of the Ebuyer website and check out some of the fantastic TVs on offer, including 4K, Full HD, curved screen, smart TVs… the lot!


This coming year I will stay in touch more

Ah, the internet! What a strange and brilliant thing is has turned out to be in the twenty-five or so years that it’s been creeping towards the centre of our lives. The opportunities it offers to stay in touch with others are incredible. These days with video calling more-or-less an everyday thing in our lives, staying in touch with your parents, your kids, your friends and your colleagues is so easy, and so much better than anything other than being in the same physical space.

So, to make sure you can fulfil the promise of this NY resolution, you’re going to need just the right tech to help you stay in touch with everyone. How about a smartphone – obvious, right? But not only can you videocall people (iPhone users call it FaceTiming) but you can also – get this for science! – ring people up and speak to them, or send them text messages and emails and instant messages through apps! Amazing!

Other than smartphones, you can browse the Ebuyer website and take a look at tablets, laptops or good old desktop PCs. All of them will do the job, with the right software installed.

This coming year I will be more careful with money…

Well, there you go. The big one. Looking after your budget is one of life’s essentials if you’re going to make the pennies stretch further. So you’re in the right place, aren’t you? Here at Ebuyer we pride ourselves on offering top notch tech at bargain prices, all year round. Value is for life, not just for Christmas!

Take a browse of the Ebuyer website and you’ll find absolutely loads of products at fantastic prices. And don’t forget that there are finance options available, so you can work the cost of your new gear into your budget with a bit more ease. Go for it! Happy New Year from all of us here at Ebuyer. Your trusted provider of top tech and terrific prices!

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