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10 reasons to use an HP desktop PC at home

Do you recall when Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad and then blurted, “The post-PC era has begun”? Well, he was wrong. With the proliferation of laptops and all other types of devices shrinking in size, seemingly by the hour, something strange has happened. Desktop PCs are becoming more and more popular – so don’t think that portable gadgets will be killing off the computer on your desktop any time soon.

Laptops are unbeatable when you want the convenience of working on the go, and desktop PCs are unbeatable when you want the power to work and play 24/7 at home.

Your mobile and laptop will easily fit into your pocket or backpack, but you are having to make compromises (whether that be screen size or computing power). Here are ten reasons that you need to use a desktop at home… and then afterwards, we’ll give you 10 reasons you need to consider using HP! OK, let’s go.

Desktop PCs are great value for money

Desktops are usually less expensive than laptops, or if you were to spend the same amount of money on a laptop and a desktop, then you’re going to get more for your money when you buy your desktop PC.

Parts are cheaper

Mobile components are more expensive because they’re, well, smaller – and convenience comes at a price. More advanced engineering is required to make sure that they are smaller yet can still do the job. And, if you have a laptop, then you probably won’t be able to fix it or upgrade it yourself, as they are not designed for that.

Desktop PCs are much larger, and so their parts can be manufactured accordingly. A roomy desktop tower provides a lot more space for parts than even the largest laptop.

Desktops are powerful

 Simply put, desktops are more powerful than laptops. This is due mainly to the computer’s size, heat output, and power consumption. Additionally, desktops  have better specs and run faster and smoother than laptops.

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Peripheral City!

You can plug a ton of other devices and peripherals into a desktop PC. Let’s look at laptops first. Imagine you need to plug in an external keyboard and a mouse and also a USB-connected headset… You’re going to start struggling pretty soon because as laptops get thinner and thinner, port offerings are going to decline.

If you want to add devices, then you’re going to have to provide extra external hubs, which come at a cost. And that means your portable laptop is getting a little less portable once you add your battery charger, headphones, hub and more… Desktop PCs on the other hand usually have an abundance of ports, along with an array of additional connectivity choices to boot

Desktop PCs come with the upgrade potential with plenty of expansion ports.  Your PC can be upgraded whenever you need to increase its capabilities. Within your home, you can spread out and make your spare room, or office in to a productive hub


Laptops have screens which can go up to 17.3 inches in size. If they’re any larger than that they can’t really be classed as portable, can they? But a screen of that size is nothing in comparison to a 32-inch screen which is a popular size used with a desktop PC – although many people use much larger monitors. You can connect a desktop to a TV to let the screen size be as large as a TV. This makes desktops much flexible on the usage and environment.

And, of course, desktops are designed to work with two or more displays for optimum productivity or gaming. This static set-up is perfect for home use – in your office or gaming dungeon!

Desktops for gaming

Your HP desktop PC at home is perfect for high-intensity gaming. Those all-night sessions with your mates will be a doddle. Take a look at HP’s Pavillion Gaming Desktop PC which is widely acknowledged as one of 2022’s top gaming PCs.

With an HP desktop gaming PC in your home, you can make the room into your own special gaming cell and decorate it to fit your own taste! Hardcore PC gamers often incorporate multiple monitors in their gaming setup. Of course, this can only be done at home, as it’s not portable, obviously!

Don’t forget All-in-ones

The proliferation of work-from-home set-ups has brought sales in this area back to life. HP is one of the few manufacturers still releasing new AIO designs, and they are reaping the rewards. For example, the HP Envy 34. It sits on your desk at home (or work) and is perfect for creative pros yearning for a big screen with plenty of power and functionality


If you’re buying an HP desktop PC then you can rest easy when it comes to the physical security of your machine. Desktops are traditionally bulky and so are not very easy to move. Hence the possibility of theft is small!


In a desktop PC, most components can be easily removed, which makes it easier to upgrade them. Besides, desktop cases are usually bigger, so they are and easier space to work in when you do any upgrade. Here are three simple ways to upgrade your desktop PC.

External hard drive: When your computer runs out of disk space it has no room to temporarily save and swap data as you work. This means your machine may begin to slow down or start crashing on a regular basis as room starts to run out. Plus, you won’t have any space left to save anything new. Plugging in an external hard drive can alleviate this problem in minutes.

Install more RAM: Random access memory (or RAM) is your computer’s ‘thinking’ space. It uses this type of memory to hold data for open applications. When your RAM has too much to do—think dozens of browser tabs, way too many applications, or a huge video file—your computer’s speed can slow to a crawl. To prevent this issue, install extra RAM. The more RAM the easier it is to multitask.

Feel the power – and it will never run out!

Because HP desktop PCs are static, they run off your household power all the time, so your battery will never die whilst you’re in the middle of something important. Just remember to keep saving your data as you go along, because if you have a power outage, you could lose your work.

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Why choose HP?

1. Reputation should really count for something, and with HP you know you’re getting a reliable, high-quality computer. HP has been one the world’s leading manufacturers for decades now, so you know that you’ll be working (or playing) on a desktop PC which will allow you to work smoothly and consistently.

2. HP continues to be at the forefront of the personal computer market. They have over 22% of the PC market, which means that customers are certainly aware or what they provide and the quality of their products.

3. The design of HP desktops (and laptops) has improved over the years, and now they are classy and attractive. Infact Laptop Magazine in the USA describe HP laptops like this: “Almost every machine is a stunner. They have fantastic design and generally look phenomenal!”

4. Whether you’re looking for an affordable desktop PC for surfing and dealing with emails and Word docs, to intensive and complex task, HP has the solution for you.

5. They say you can tell how good a company is from the support they offer, and HP has an outstanding reputation. Their highly-trained support team is well-equipped to provide a solution. Should anything happen to your computer and it’s still under warranty, HP will also pay the shipping costs involved.

6. When you buy a PC, you want it to last, and HP certainly deliver. HP have gone to great lengths to ensure that their PCs are reliable and long-lasting. Their computers actually undergo what they call ‘military testing’. This process includes being dropped from a height of 30 inches, 26 times and landing on all angles and edges. They submit their computers to electric shocks, humidity and temperature changes.

7. To ensure that their customers’ data remains secure, HP offer a variety of powerful features. Let’s take a look at what’s on offer.

  • HP Sure Start: BIOS auto-recovery protection that uses hardware-enforced self-healing technology.
  • HP Sure Run: Ensures that your critical applications and processes continue to run even if malicious parties try to shut them down.
  • HP Sure Recover: Use a network connection to restore an image on your PC.
  • HP Sure Click: Your PC is protected from infected files on websites.
  • HP Sure View: Instant protection against visual hacking.

8. HP are continually trying to improve the experience of users, and this means constantly developing new technologies. This combination of reliability and innovation is what keeps them ahead of the competition.

9. HP displays are known to provide crisp, clear visuals with great depth of colour.

10. It’s no good being a world leader in anything if your products are not easily accessible. HP computers are easily available online. The more accessible a brand, the easier it is to fix if something ever goes wrong.

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