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What’s a Creator Laptop? And why you need one.

If you’ve never heard of a creator laptop, then where have you been hiding? This is a quickly expanding area of the computer market, and in this blog we’re going to explain exactly what a creator laptop is – and why you need one!

A creator laptop is a laptop that has been specifically designed for those who need to tackle heavy-duty content creation tasks. By that, we mean things like video and audio editing, graphic design, game development and more. In fact, anything where you need more power than the typical laptop can provide.

With smartphones and online video streaming services booming, the demand for high-quality content is growing – and whereas in the past, it was just ‘professionals’ or highly-skilled creatives who used such computers, now the whole world is producing content for a million different reasons. So, it’s all about having the power and features to create things – things which a normal day-to-day laptop would struggle with.

The outstanding Gigabyte AERO 17

It’s all about performance

Software used by creators to produce content generally requires your computer to perform at as higher level. If you just use your ‘standard’ laptop to try and do such demanding work, there is always the possibility that it will crash, resulting in you losing your work. Plus, if your computer is struggling to keep up and becomes sluggish, then it is not working efficiently.

More processing cores

A creator laptop’s higher performance levels come from the CPU and GPU, so when it comes to you choosing a new device, you really need a model with Intel Core i7 H series CPU and an NVIDIA GTX/RTX GPU. Some of you may know that the H series i7 CPU outperforms the U series i7 by between 15 and 20% and it also features more processing cores which really helps if you’re going to be using apps like Adobe Premier Pro. If you’re an animator who needs to be constantly rendering it’s advisable to opt for a higher-end GPU like the RTX 3080 Ti or RTX 3070 Ti could be considered. These will give you the oomph you need!

Above: The popular Asus VivoBook Pro 16X

What is thermal design and how does it help?

The thermal design on creator laptops ensures that there is no drop in performance when you’re working over long periods of time. It’s important when deciding on which creator laptop to buy that you plump for a model which delivers multiple heat pipe and dual system fans – along with multiple air vents. Overheating can easily happen when you’re really going for it, so the more heat-pipes used in the thermal system the better. This means that excess heat can be easily dispersed by being blown out of the chassis.

RAM and storage

This is also critical for the overall performance of your creator laptop. Ideally you need a device which has at least 16GB of RAM as most of the software running on creation laptops consume a lot of RAM as they run. When it comes to storage, we really don’t need to tell you (but we will!) that you need a model with SSDs instead of HDDs as they are so much faster, allowing you to reduce the time needed to process file exports. It is also a wise move to go for a creator laptop which has at least two M.2 slots so you can incorporate future SSD upgrades without any hassle.

Creator laptop displays

In normal work activity, colour isn’t vitally important when you’re working on documents, spreadsheets and the like. But if you’re a creator, then it can be a big deal. So, we recommend that you select a display which is pre-calibrated to provide the most accurate colour available.

There is also the colour gamut to consider. What actually is colour gamut? Well, colour gamut describes a range of colour within the spectrum of colours that are identifiable by the human eye. All modern-day devices reproduce colours differently, so in this case it’s best to choose a model with a wider colour gamut. Something like AdobeRGB 100% or DCI-P3 100% will give you more colour options while creating.

When thinking about the resolution of the display, you really have to go for a model which features 4K (at the very least). By doing this you will future proof your device.

Connectivity explained

We hear about connectivity all the time, yet it is still often overlooked when many people are buying laptops. For creators, connectivity can be even more important because to do many of their projects, they need to have other devices connected to their laptop. External monitors and SSD drives are just two of the items regularly used by creators.

Without good connectivity, there will be less efficiency, and it will also mean spending money, as items such as a adapters will be needed to connect everything. What we suggest is that you go for a model which has versatile connections such as HDMI 2.0, DP 1.4, RJ 45 and Thunderbolt 4. In actual fact, the more you have the merrier. If you need to edit photographs or you work with high-quality video etc, then an SD card reader that is UHS-II capable is needed.

Portability to keep you moving 

Mobility and portability are the main reasons that people opt for a laptop rather than a desktop. Creator laptops may pack the power, but they are also designed to be lightweight and they have a longer battery life too – which saves you having to search for free power outlets.

If you’re looking to be on the move frequently, then we think that it would be wise to get a creator laptop which weighs around 2Kg and has at least seven hours of battery life. You may think that 2KG isn’t the lightest device around, but you have to remember that a creator laptop needs more parts and materials because it’s a high-performance device – and those extra things add to the weight. But 2Kg is still easy enough to carry around in a laptop bag without you doing your back in. You’ll be fine!

HP for all audiences

As one of the world’s leading computer manufacturers and developers, HP has a wide range of laptops which are perfect for professional creatives to office workers and fanatical gamers. Whether you’re a 3D designer, video editor or a game developer, HP’s portfolio is impressive and comparatively cheaper when compared to brands such as Apple.

Why you need a creator laptop

So, to quickly recap: What you really need, regardless of the industry you work in, is a machine that has powerful hardware and can handle heavy workloads. As a creator, you need a reliable computer that isn’t going to let you down if you use it all day and all night! It also needs to be sturdy – and by that we mean a solid construction which can withstand all the bumps and knocks of daily life – and then some. HP are the brand to provide this, and this isn’t even an ad for them. We’re just giving you our opinions based on the experience of ourselves and our customers.

Let’s take a look at one of our favourite HP Creator laptops: The HP ZBook Create

The HP ZBook Create G7 delivers the performance a pro deserves! For the first time, Z power and performance meets NVIDIA® GeForce® graphics. Offering up to 32GB memory, Intel® processors and up to 2TB NVMe storage, you can design, edit, render, game and stream from anywhere. No matter how complex your workflow. Not only that, but it’s engineered to go mobile. It also introduces HPs smallest 15″ laptop for creating and gaming. The groundbreaking design packs a nearly borderless screen and long-lasting battery life into a lightweight, scratch-resistant aluminium frame. What’s not to like?

Browse our full range of creator laptops here.

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