Why do AlphaSync gaming PCs get great reviews?

Whether it’s a low-end or ultra-high-end rig, all our gaming PCs receive excellent reviews. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

This blog was updated in January 2023.

AlphaSync have a wide range of gaming PCs on offer, from the low-end up to the high-end, and all of them receive great reviews. Let’s look into a few of these Reevoo reviews and find out what makes an AlphaSync PC so good.

Value for Money

“Cheaper (>£200) than equivalent from anywhere else. Top-of-the-range components throughout.” From Mark’s 10 out of 10 Reevoo review of their new AlphaSync Canine iCUE 4000X pre-built gaming PC.

For the longest time, one of the main advantages of building your own PC versus buying an off-the-shelf one was the lower cost. While this is largely still the case, system integrators like AlphaSync have gotten shockingly competitive in recent years. In fact, as AlphaSync can source components straight from manufacturers at a lower cost, there’s been times when an AlphaSync PC has worked out cheaper than doing it yourself.

Crunch the numbers and you’ll see that an AlphaSync PC is a fantastic value. Not only for the hardware that’s on offer, which is often cheaper than other system integrators, but the fact it’s all professionally assembled by the AlphaSync team. Plus, you’ll get next-day-delivery, access to a dedicated support team, and warranties to boot. You’ve got to factor these extras into the price of an AlphaSync PC. They can save you money and time, which is arguably better spent gaming rather than researching, sourcing, and assembling the PC yourself. 

Highest Quality Components

“Everything about this PC works to a very high standard. Knowing that the graphics are an exceptional quality and combined with the speed of the processor. What a fantastic product.” From Jamie’s 10 out of 10 Reevoo review of their new AlphaSync Canine iCUE 4000X pre-built gaming PC.

Gaming places your PC’s hardware under a heavy load. It’s a considerable step-up from browsing the web and streaming videos. We’re talking about multi-core CPUs and discrete GPUs which happily consume hundreds of watts while running the latest AAA releases. As covered in our blog PC Cooling – What you need to know, heat is generated as a by-product of all this power. And when things get too hot, poor-quality components struggle to keep up. It isn’t worth enduring coil whine, noisy fans, and thermal throttling just to save some cash. 

That’s why AlphaSync use only the highest quality hardware in their pre-built gaming PCs. Browse an AlphaSync PC’s spec-sheet and you’ll find components from industry-leading brands, including ASUS, Corsair, Samsung, and more. This applies to every component in an AlphaSync PC, not just the most attention-grabbing ones. From the graphics card all the way down to the power supply unit, AlphaSync doesn’t skimp out on quality anywhere.

Introduction to PC Gaming

“It’s the first PC I have owned switching from an Xbox Series S, the difference in speed and game quality is insane.” From Liam’s 10 out of 10 Reevoo review of their new AlphaSync Canine Diamond pre-built gaming PC.

PC gaming has exploded in popularity in recent years, with Steam breaking its 30-million concurrent user record in October 2022. Although it’s clear that more and more gamers are switching to PC from consoles, it’s easier said than done. There are endless resources out there to walk you through your first PC build, such as our Top 10 Tips for Building a PC and PC build guides over on the Ebuyer YouTube channel.

However, we understand that it’s not for everyone. It’s easy to get lost wading through all the techy jargon and model numbers. Building your own PC is nowhere near as simple as buying an off-the-shelf console or PC. That’s why a pre-built AlphaSync gaming PC is such a great introduction to the world of PC gaming. You can get the crazy-fast frame rates and maxed-out graphics synonymous with PC gaming, without going through the time and stress of building a PC yourself.

Gaming, Streaming, and More

“Excellent bit of kit, the [Intel Core] i5 12600K combined with the [NVIDIA GeForce] RTX 3060 Ti make this a great PC for gaming, but just as useful for streaming, etc. Really is a quality build. Highly recommend and great price, considering cost of parts in 2021/22.” From Richard’s 10 out of 10 Reevoo review of their new AlphaSync Canine 4000D pre-built gaming PC.

Although sought after for gaming, the immerse processing power of an AlphaSync PC can lend itself to more than just games. Maybe you’re a uni student who’s looking for a high-performance PC to accelerate your coursework… and your frames-per-second. Or you’re a gaming who’s wanting to pick up livestreaming, but needs a PC that’ll handle gaming and streaming simultaneously.

The multi-core CPUs, masses of RAM, and discrete GPUs of AlphaSync PCs help speed up many hardware-accelerated workloads, whether it’s 3-D animation, video editing, or streaming. 

Fast Delivery

“I was using it for 4 days now. Great performance, everything worked out of the box. Quick delivery. I’m really happy with the purchase.” From Ovidijus’ 10 out of 10 Reevoo review of their new AlphaSync Canine Diamond pre-built gaming PC.

Alphasync Diamond V2

Once you hit order on an AlphaSync PC, you can have it delivered to your door in no time with free next-business-day delivery. You won’t have to wait for each individual component to slowly trickle in, only to then assemble it all yourself. Everything’s good to go right out of the box – just make sure to remove all the protective packaging first.

Included alongside the PC itself is a box of accessories (extra cables and so on) as well as a handy booklet covering the top queries you might have about your new AlphaSync PC.

What’s more, an AlphaSync PC might be your best option for getting hands-on with the latest, hottest hardware. NVIDIA RTX 40 Series graphics cards are in high demand, for example, yet AlphaSync’s got RTX 4090 and RTX 4080-equipped gaming PCs ready to ship.

AlphaSync Support Team

“Unreal, would recommend to anyone. Had a slight issue, which turned out to be my monitor, but called AlphaSync and got help right away. They ruled out all possible outcomes before I went and bought a monitor… I would buy this again.” From Ben’s 10 out of 10 Reevoo review of their new AlphaSync Canine iCUE 4000X pre-built gaming PC.

AlphaSync iCUE 4000X

Week after week, AlphaSync’s building team assemble hundreds of gaming PCs to an exceptional standard. From clean cable management to flawless RGB lighting, a quick glance at an AlphaSync PC is all you need to know it’s the work of an expert. However, sometimes a cable comes loose in transport and requires reseating, or you just need a bit of guidance to set up your new AlphaSync PC.

Fortunately, AlphaSync’s dedicated support team is there to help, only an email or phone call away. If you’ve got a question, the AlphaSync support team will always get back to you within 48 hours. What’s more, you’re covered by a one-year parts and three-year labour warranty with an AlphaSync PC. It’s by far one of the biggest advantages of opting for a pre-built PC over building one yourself.

Smart Component Choices

“An almost perfect component choice for the price point, in my opinion. The case is probably the best quality one I have owned and has a decent set of features. Fantastic performance in games at 1440p and fairly quiet while under load. The build itself is also very clean and tidy.” From Alexander’s 9 out of 10 Reevoo review of their new AlphaSync Canine Pure Base 500 pre-built gaming PC.

AlphaSync Pure Base

A gaming PC is made up of several pieces of hardware. As covered in our blog The PC specs you should be looking for, the CPU and GPU contribute the most to gaming performance. So, understandably, these components are the main focus of any gaming PC.

However, this isn’t an excuse to neglect the other components. What’s the point in having an AMD Ryzen 7000 Series CPU if it’s crippled by slow RAM, for example, or pairing a power-hungry GPU with a poor-quality PSU.

AlphaSync know the processor and graphics cards aren’t the be-all and end-all of a gaming PC. Close attention is paid to each and every component in an AlphaSync PC to ensure a balance of price, performance, and quality.


“Everything is spot on, packaged well. Out of the box, just need to set up Windows. All BIOS settings are already set for RAM. Instantly able to start using the PC as it comes with everything to get started (providing you have your own peripherals). Having all-Corsair cooling and RAM is a massive plus, also as the RGB addressability is super simple and all in one place.” From Ben’s 10 out of 10 Reevoo review of their new AlphaSync Canine iCue 4000X pre-built gaming PC.

AlphaSync iCUE 4000X

Most AlphaSync PCs come pre-loaded with Windows, again saving you time and money. For reference, a retail copy of Windows 11 is priced at over £100. So, if you don’t already have a Windows license handy, this is another cost you’ve got to consider when building your own PC. As this operating system is loaded up on AlphaSync’s end, you won’t have to sit through the tedious, lengthy process of installing drivers and downloading updates. When you turn on an AlphaSync PC for the very first time, all you’ll have to do is create a log-in, then you’re good to go.

AlphaSync goes a step further and configures the system’s BIOS for optimal performance. Those new to PC might find the BIOS interface intimidating, but it’s essential for unlocking your PC’s maximum performance. For instance, the BIOS is where you enable an ‘Extreme Memory Profile’ (XMP) on your RAM. RAM speed can have a dramatic effect on CPU performance, especially for AMD’s line-up of Ryzen CPUs. Since it’s tucked away in the BIOS, however, a noobie PC user might not know to enable XMP,  nerfing the performance of their PC unwittingly. AlphaSync does this for you, so your new AlphaSync is optimised from the get-go.

AlphaSync at Ebuyer

AlphaSync are exclusive to Ebuyer. You can’t get these highly reviewed pre-built gaming PCs anywhere else. So, head on over to Ebuyer to browse the entire range of pre-built systems, and check out our round-up of AlphaSync PCs.

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