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China tops supercomputers list

China now dominates the world of supercomputers.  The Chinese have overtaken the United States and have more supercomputers in the top 500 machines than any other nation. A survey by Top500 shows China have 202 of the world’s highest-performance machines.  The US is second in the list with 143 with Japan (35) and Germany (21) […]
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Founder’s remorse Sean Parker’s Facebook regrets

Facebook’s founding president Sean Parker has spoken of his regrets about the power and reach of social media.   Speaking to Mike Allen from Axios Parker described how he had no idea what he was doing when he helped build Facebook. In his Oppenheimer moment Parker said of social media: “God only knows what it is […]
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Self-driving taxis are now a thing

Waymo have taken a huge step forward in driverless car technology.  They are so confident in their cars they are launching a self-driving taxi fleet in Phoenix, Arizona.  And for the first time there will be no human in the driving seat. Previously a human ‘driver’ was always in position to take over the controls […]
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Internet giants roasted by US Senate

Honestly.  Who would want to be a billionaire social media mogul nowadays? There you are trying to make an honest buck only to get pelters from politicians accusing you of profiting from fake news.  And doing nothing to stop nasty Russian trolls infesting the internet. The big three – Facebook, Twitter, and Google – have […]
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Humans fight back

Robotic march to world domination halted.  Kind of. Robots can flip burgers, fly planes, and crush the best human players at GO.  The advances in artificial intelligence have left us all glancing over our shoulders wondering about our jobs.  And whether we will wake up one morning to find robots ruling the world. Don’t laugh […]
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When going viral isn’t so great

Apple fires engineer after daughter’s video goes viral Most YouTuber’s would kill to have a viral video.  A video going viral equals more publicity and can bring fame and fortune. But Brooke Patterson’s video didn’t have such a happy ending.  It got her father fired. Dad was an engineer at Apple who made the mistake […]
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Fourth industrial revolution could create thousands of jobs

The fourth industrial revolution could generate over £450-billion in the next ten years.  It could also create thousands of new jobs.  But only if political and business leaders get their collective fingers out. At least that is the conclusion of a government review on industrial digitisation.  Jürgen Maier the UK head of Siemans led the […]
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Updated – Do politicians want to ban encryption?

Read the full article or follow the link to our update. Read update Senior British and US politicians are worried about end-to-end encryption.  But not because the applications which use it are insecure.  The very opposite in fact. Politicians are concerned encrypted messaging systems are too efficient.  They believe encryption of services such as WhatsApp […]
3d printed bridge

World’s first 3D printed concrete bridge

The Dutch love their cycling.  They’re also big on technology, efficiency, and sustainability.  And a new project seems to tick on the boxes. Dutch engineers claim to have built the world’s first 3D printed concrete bridge. The bridge will carry cyclists over the Peelsche Loop at Gemert.  The eight-metre long bridge took three months to […]

Ebuyer launch new service for businesses

Technology retailer have launched a new service for business customers.  Ebuyer ProServices provide managed IT and cloud computing systems.  Through their website,, the company also deliver online and telephone consultancy. Ebuyer’s Head of Sales, Amber Smith, said: “We are delighted to be to offer this new facility to our business customers. “We identified […]
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Artificial Intelligence is Go

DeepMind, Google’s artificial intelligence project, has taken a huge step forward.  It has successfully enabled a machine to teach itself how to play the ancient Chinese game of Go.  Without any human assistance. AlphaGo Zero is the latest program developed by DeepMind. Programmed with the rules but no other data AlphaGo Zero learnt the nuances […]
Product Roundups
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Great offers on Samsung printers

Cashback, extended warranties and rock bottom prices. Cost-effective, reliable, and built for business.  High-quality printers from Samsung are ideal for any workplace. Now they are even better with these fantastic offers from Ebuyer. Cashback offers Massive cashback deals make these printers even more affordable.  Hurry.  These are limited time offers which will expire on December […]
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Virgin Hyperloop One on track for take off

Richard Branson has taken time off from the space race and rebuilding storm lashed private islands to invest in Hyperloop One. Branson’s company Virgin will join forces with the LA based technical engineering business in a strategic partnership.  The target being to develop the world’s first commercial pod-based transport system. Known as Virgin Hyperloop One […]
russia stealing americas secrets

Kaspersky spy saga – who’s telling porkies?

The New York Times made some sensational claims about Kaspersky software this week.  The newspaper claimed Russian hackers have used the antivirus software to gather secrets from US government departments. But unbeknownst to them the spies where being spied upon.  The Israeli secret service also breached the Kaspersky software and monitored the Russians activity. It’s […]
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Google buys Apple – not really

The Dow Jones newswire carried a headline on Tuesday which could have rocked the world. “Google to buy Apple for $9bn.”  What a story. It had all the hallmarks of an April fool’s joke.  Or a fake news clickbait piece. And it was fake news.  Though it was completely unintentional. What was it all about? […]
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How will self-driving cars affect the law?

Autonomous vehicles have been in the news recently.  Trains, trucks, and even airplanes are driving or flying without human help.  Testing on self-driving cars has been extensive.  They are sure to be a commercial reality sooner rather than later. But this does raise some questions.  Unsurprisingly many concern motoring laws.  Just how will autonomous vehicles […]
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Netflix price rise

It may be time to start wading your way through those outstanding box sets.  Netflix are putting up their prices in the UK.  The new rates will apply immediately for new signups.  Existing subscribers will receive thirty days’ notice.  The price hike comes as Netflix spends heavily on creating original content. Give me the bad […]
rio tinto train

Is that an autonomous train coming down the tracks?

Mining company Rio Tinto have successfully trialled an autonomous train.  The 100 kilometre journey took place in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.  The heavy haul train completed its journey with no driver on board.  The first fully autonomous train journey to take place in Australia. Rio Tinto have been experimenting with autonomous trains since […]
New Tech
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Elon Musk is the Rocketman

Serial entrepreneur Elon Musk has said his BFR rocket will be able to take passengers to Mars by 2024. Musk made his claims at the recent International Astronautical Congress (IAC).  He also told the audience city to city rocket travel is possible with the BFR. The key is the rocket would be reusable.  It would […]