Ebuyer launch new service for businesses

Technology retailer have launched a new service for business customers.  Ebuyer ProServices provide managed IT and cloud computing systems.  Through their website,, the company also deliver online and telephone consultancy. Ebuyer’s Head of Sales, Amber Smith, said: “We are delighted to be to offer this new facility to our business customers. “We identified […]
game of go with robot hand

Artificial Intelligence is Go

DeepMind, Google’s artificial intelligence project, has taken a huge step forward.  It has successfully enabled a machine to teach itself how to play the ancient Chinese game of Go.  Without any human assistance. AlphaGo Zero is the latest program developed by DeepMind. Programmed with the rules but no other data AlphaGo Zero learnt the nuances […]
Product Roundups
samsung clx 6260fw wcashback

Great offers on Samsung printers

Cashback, extended warranties and rock bottom prices. Cost-effective, reliable, and built for business.  High-quality printers from Samsung are ideal for any workplace. Now they are even better with these fantastic offers from Ebuyer. Cashback offers Massive cashback deals make these printers even more affordable.  Hurry.  These are limited time offers which will expire on December […]
hyperloop one

Virgin Hyperloop One on track for take off

Richard Branson has taken time off from the space race and rebuilding storm lashed private islands to invest in Hyperloop One. Branson’s company Virgin will join forces with the LA based technical engineering business in a strategic partnership.  The target being to develop the world’s first commercial pod-based transport system. Known as Virgin Hyperloop One […]
encrypted logo

Do politicians want to ban encryption?

Senior British and US politicians are worried about end-to-end encryption.  But not because the applications which use it are insecure.  The very opposite in fact. Politicians are concerned encrypted messaging systems are too efficient.  The believe encryption of services such as WhatsApp is making the pursuit of criminals more difficult.  They also claim tech companies […]
russia stealing americas secrets

Kaspersky spy saga – who’s telling porkies?

The New York Times made some sensational claims about Kaspersky software this week.  The newspaper claimed Russian hackers have used the antivirus software to gather secrets from US government departments. But unbeknownst to them the spies where being spied upon.  The Israeli secret service also breached the Kaspersky software and monitored the Russians activity. It’s […]
breaking news

Google buys Apple – not really

The Dow Jones newswire carried a headline on Tuesday which could have rocked the world. “Google to buy Apple for $9bn.”  What a story. It had all the hallmarks of an April fool’s joke.  Or a fake news clickbait piece. And it was fake news.  Though it was completely unintentional. What was it all about? […]
activating self driving mode

How will self-driving cars affect the law?

Autonomous vehicles have been in the news recently.  Trains, trucks, and even airplanes are driving or flying without human help.  Testing on self-driving cars has been extensive.  They are sure to be a commercial reality sooner rather than later. But this does raise some questions.  Unsurprisingly many concern motoring laws.  Just how will autonomous vehicles […]
man with popcorn watching netflix

Netflix price rise

It may be time to start wading your way through those outstanding box sets.  Netflix are putting up their prices in the UK.  The new rates will apply immediately for new signups.  Existing subscribers will receive thirty days’ notice.  The price hike comes as Netflix spends heavily on creating original content. Give me the bad […]
rio tinto train

Is that an autonomous train coming down the tracks?

Mining company Rio Tinto have successfully trialled an autonomous train.  The 100 kilometre journey took place in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.  The heavy haul train completed its journey with no driver on board.  The first fully autonomous train journey to take place in Australia. Rio Tinto have been experimenting with autonomous trains since […]
New Tech
falcon 9 launch

Elon Musk is the Rocketman

Serial entrepreneur Elon Musk has said his BFR rocket will be able to take passengers to Mars by 2024. Musk made his claims at the recent International Astronautical Congress (IAC).  He also told the audience city to city rocket travel is possible with the BFR. The key is the rocket would be reusable.  It would […]
electric vehicles only

Dyson looking to clean up with electric cars

The latest entrant to the electric car market is a little surprising.  Dyson hope to launch a vehicle by 2020. Sir James Dyson claims his company are going to spend £2billion on the project.  Making the battery will account for half of the budget. 400 staff have already been secretly working on developing the car. […]
tearing uber logo

What happens next for Uber in London?

The decision by Transport for London to withdraw Uber’s operator licence sent shockwaves across the capital.  The decision by TfL would see the app driven private hire company banned from the end of this month. Uber has long been a source of contention.  Black cab drivers loath them.  As do opponents of the gig economy. […]
New Tech
guitarist on stage

Digital gig tickets

The Islington Assembly Hall is the first gig venue in the UK to introduce digital-only ticketing.  Concert-goers must buy tickets through the DICE app. The venue have made the change to try and stop the flow of tickets to touts. Why digital tickets? Touts reselling tickets is a huge problem for venues, bands, and fans. […]
flippy putting burger on bun

Flippy the burger flipping robot

This is Flippy.  Flippy is a burger flipping robot which cooks a perfect patty every time.  After a successful trial the robot will now be set to work in 50 CaliBurger fast food restaurants in 2018. Flippy’s official title is ‘robotic kitchen assistant’. Inventors, Miso Robotics, are keen to point out Flippy works alongside humans.  […]
artificial intelligence brain

The Lords and artificial intelligence

The relentless advance of artificial intelligence has caught the attention of the UK parliament.  A House of Lords Select Committee will consider the social, ethical, and economic impact of AI.  The Committee is due to report in March 2018.  But they have already begun gathering evidence. It is probably fair to say as many people […]
orcam myeye glasses

OrCam MyEye sees more than ever

MyEye, the artificial vision device from OrCam, is receiving an upgrade.  OrCam are releasing new software to coincide with National Eye Health Week. OrCam launched MyEye in the United States in 2015.  Children as well as adults can use the device. What can it do? MyEye can read any printed or digital text.  It can […]
battered yellow pages

Internet kills the Yellow Pages

Do you remember when the Yellow Pages was a huge tome you could hardly lift?  When plumbers and taxi businesses prefixed their name with AAA? When you let your fingers do the walking? Now the Yellow Pages is a booklet compared to its glory days.  After all, who needs a phone book now? Yell have […]
big data going underground

Big data is going underground

Some of us are weary of big data.  However it may soon be helping us get around the tube more quickly. Transport for London have just published a report on a pilot scheme which took place between November and December 2016. By collecting Wi-Fi data from customer’s mobile devices TfL were able to track their […]
street view car in paris

Google Street View upgrade

Planning a holiday?  Chances are you will be spending a lot of time on Google Street View. As you will be if you are planning a shopping trip, looking for the best place to park or visiting a new venue for a gig. There can’t be many of us who don’t use Street View.  If […]