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How to Guard against phishing

The threat large businesses face in the world of cybercrime is growing by the day. We’ve seen high profile hacks occur at corporations who handle droves of sensitive customer information. Placed in the wrong hands, customer details can place us at the mercy of phishing attacks. With that in mind, protect yourself with this crash […]

Where is my Cloud Data stored?

Cloud storage has made storing our data a simple and accessible task. But much like using any service over the internet, a security-conscious voice echoes from the back of our minds. Rather than saving your precious data on a hard drive you physically touch and shove under your mattress for safe keeping, cloud storage puts […]
New Tech

Hands on: AuraVisor

The Virtual Reality market is simmering away slowly, yet to really launch into the entertainment powerhouse many have promised it will one day become. A contributing factor currently holding back VR is that each of the devices that have been announced or released fall into one of two categories. There is the yet to me […]

Government Propose new internet surveillance laws

The government have come under a heap of criticism recently after announcing some new privacy-reducing internet laws. Included in a draft of the Investigatory Powers Bill, internet firms will be tied to keeping a record of people’s online activity for a total of 12 months. The bill has been labelled by Prime Minister David Cameron […]
Concept Technolgy

What is Project Wing?

Drone delivery, to most of us who prefer our parcels delivered by a conscious human being cheerfully driving a van, is still a bit of an illogical pipe-dream. Seemingly riddled with insurmountable flaws, a crazy theory that just won’t work in the real world. But down at Google, no isn’t taken for an answer. Their […]

The TalkTalk Hack- What was stolen?

What was Stolen in the TalkTalk Hack? It’s been a week since the tech world was rocked by news that major internet service provider TalkTalk was the victim of a significant cyberattack. Since then, the company has been more than a little sheepish when pushed on the specifics of the damage caused. TalkTalk have now […]

Will Steam Machines change the Gaming industry?

PC gaming or Console gaming? It’s a never ending quandary that is forever debated, but never resolved. Valve, owners of every PC gamer’s dream platform Steam and developers of much loved franchise “Half-Life”, are looking to finally bring an end to any confusion over which side of the fence you come down on. With the […]

Tor Launches Messenger Programme

Tor is the backbone of any user who wants a dash of privacy when browsing the web. The project for anonymous internet use is now expanding, with the Tor network now branching out into instant messaging.   Message Anonymously  Tor Messenger is a cross-platform chat programme that allows you to message contacts over the web, […]

Is Twitter Dying?

Social networking giant Twitter have hit a rocky patch. Forever in the shadow of Facebook and unable to keep up with the imperious rise of photo sharers on Instagram, Twitter has found itself relegated to second division fare. Struggling to adopt new users and generate revenue enough revenue to compete, Twitter is in need of […]

What is Net Neutrality?

Equality and banishing discrimination is a common goal amongst 21st century liberal societies. Whilst this is usually concerned with people, data is also fighting a constant battle to be treated equally across the internet. Fighting the discrimination of data is at the core of “net neutrality”. But what exactly is it and why has been […]

PC in your Pocket

The PC-on-a-stick category of mini-PCs is continuing to make waves through the market. Small, innovative and perfect for its time. Still, they have a number of significant flaws that might hold you back from making a purchase. In an attempt to keep the devices as small as possible, they often come with only one port, […]

What’s in the Windows 10 Fall Update?

The roll-out of Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 10 is a number of months down the line, with their latest figures suggesting over 110 million devices had made the switch from Windows 7 or 8.1. Throughout the early months of release, Microsoft have pushed through a number of small updates designed to improve the stability […]

Switching your mobile operating system

Fed up of iOS? Sick of Android? If you’re pondering a swift swap from one major mobile platform to the other, the practicalities of going about that may be holding you back. Getting all your stuff over from one platform to the other is not easy, but has to be done unless you’re willing to […]

Shift to Content Subscription Continues

It doesn’t take a technological Darwin to recognise the changing landscape of how we consume entertainment content such as TV shows, movies and music. A number of us now head straight online if we wish to pass a few hours by. Watch the latest series on Netflix or look at a goat falling over on […]
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How to cut down your data use

Managing your smartphone’s data allowance, and ensuring you use it wisely, can sometimes be a balancing act. Browsing merrily about your phone, enjoying video, downloading images and just generally surfing the web can soon see your well of data dry up. Exceed it, and your network provider will strip your wallet faster than you go say […]

Facebook Anti-Spy

Facebook are continuing their recent emphasis on enhancing the security of their users, this time announcing their intentions to inform those they believe to have been hacked by the government. Compromised users who complete their usual login process will be met with a notification warning them of a potential breach. Interestingly, the warning will only […]
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How to Charge your battery faster

Waiting for your smartphone to charge when you really need it can be excruciating. Aside from crossing your fingers, shouting aggressively for it to hurry up or creating your own ritual dance to the smartphone gods, is there anything you can do to speed the process up a touch? Actually, there are a few simple […]

Driverless Car Accidents- Who’s to blame?

Driverless cars really are a thing. Google’s grand experiments in the field have fuelled a frenzy of interest in the concept, and almost all of the automobile’s biggest players are now delving into the market. Still, a number of concerns hang over the progression of the technology. Most notably is one surrounding liability. As with […]

Why is the mobile web so slow?

Mobile browsing can be a pain. Web pages take an excruciatingly long time to load, and screen filling ads scrawl offensively in our faces, churning through valuable data allowances and just generally making a misery of our mobile browsing experience. If only mobile browsing wasn’t so damn convenient; our ever increasing reliance on the mobile […]

Modular Smartwatch

In fields of consumer tech such as smartphones and smartwatches, a number of companies have begun experimenting with customisable, modular devices. One particular project has just made it onto Kickstarter.   Make your own Smartwatch BLOCKS is a London based tech company who have recently launched “The World’s First Modular Smartwatch” on crowdfunding site Kickstarter. […]