game of go with robot hand

Artificial Intelligence is Go

DeepMind, Google’s artificial intelligence project, has taken a huge step forward.  It has successfully enabled a machine to teach itself how to play the ancient Chinese game of Go.  Without any human assistance. AlphaGo Zero ...
Windows 10

Windows 10: Why now?

Are you still running Windows 8 or earlier? Perhaps you’re comfortable with your good old operating system and aren’t accustom to change or, like many of us, worry that updating your OS might lose your ...

The Best Detachable Computers

If you’re looking for a truly portable PC option, it’s likely you’ll first be looking towards convertible laptops or detachable PCs. These Laptop/Tablet 2 in 1 devices are the perfect option for those needing the ...

Guide to Microsoft Software Licensing

Microsoft Volume Licensing  It is a fair assumption that any business which has multiple employees using computers will be reliant on Microsoft software and their online services.  After all, products such as Office and Windows ...

Office Home and Student 2016

It has been the staple for first timers, home users and students for nearly 25 years now, and Microsoft Office software is still the go-to platform for everything from word processing and presentations to spreadsheets ...