man with popcorn watching netflix

Netflix price rise

It may be time to start wading your way through those outstanding box sets.  Netflix are putting up their prices in the UK.  The new rates will apply immediately for new signups.  Existing subscribers will ...
netgear orbi

A look at the Orbi Wi-Fi system

This post is sponsored by NETGEAR Orbi is a new Wi-Fi system from NETGEAR which promises to deliver blistering speeds.  No matter how many devices are connected to your network.  NETGEAR have developed a system ...
Arlo netgear full system

All about Arlo

This post is sponsored by NETGEAR Whether you are at home, at work or travelling you need the reassurance which comes with knowing our loved ones and possessions are safe and secure.  In today’s world ...
New electric post office truck

Postman Pat 2.0

London posties, they may not all be called Pat, are getting a new fleet of electric vehicles.  And they are seriously cool. The futuristic postal trucks look amazing and are made by Arrival.  Formerly known ...
students using smartphone sat in park

Best apps for students

For studying, socialising, traveling and eking out your student loan The average student will have a smartphone stuffed to the gills with apps.  But which are the best ones to get you through uni?  Here ...
projector close up

Projecting the right image

Projectors buying guide Fed up of your neighbour boasting about his new 60 inch TV?  Get yourself a projector and not only could your ‘screen’ size be much larger you will have paid considerably less ...
wearable tech logo

Tracking Wearable Tech

Wearable tech is a buzz phrase you can’t fail to have come across.  But, like many technologies we think of as new, wearable tech has been with us since the 1980s. Indeed, you could argue ...
businessman shredding documents

To shred or not to shred?

Protect yourself against identity theft and fraud with a shredder The importance of safely disposing of documents is something that most of us are now aware of and a shredder should be an essential item ...
CCTV jargon buster

CCTV Glossary and Jargon Buster

Whenever you’re looking to enter a new technological field, one of the biggest barriers to a complete understanding is the language, the technical terminology, the jargon. At Ebuyer, we like to keep things as simple ...