projector close up

Projecting the right image

Projectors buying guide Fed up of your neighbour boasting about his new 60 inch TV?  Get yourself a projector and not only could your ‘screen’ size be much larger you will have paid considerably less ...

How secure is the smart home?

Smart tech, it’s taken over our portable life with the influx of tablets, wearable and mobiles, but with the ‘smart home’ and the IOT supposedly looming on the horizon how much can, and should, we ...

Pet Tech

There is no doubt that we are a nation of pet lovers.  Domesticated animals of all types and sizes are spoilt rotten by their indulgent owners. Dogs and cats are dressed up in designer finery ...

Why convert to LED lighting?

Why Convert to LED Lighting? With a longer lifespan and far lower running costs compared to traditional bulbs, LED lighting is beginning to spread into more homes across Europe, but what do you need to ...

Safety and the Smarthome

From smart locks and smoke alarms to smart carbon dioxide detectors and smart cameras, the world of augmented technology has transformed security and safety for homeowners. The introduction of smart tech, the internet of things and ...

The battery powered home

Tesla have been forging a path for greater automotive responsibility since they first arrived in the car industry in 2003. Developing a number of luxury cars powered by electric motors, Tesla have been the vehicle ...

5 Kitchen Gadgets for Star Bakers

Are you excited for the return of The Great British Bake Off? The fifth series starts on Wednesday August 6th at 8pm, so it’s not long before Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry hit our screens ...

The Coolest Kickstarter

The Kickstarter website has been a hotbed for awesome tech start-ups; Oculus Rift, Pono and  Pebble to name but a few. So when I tell you the fifth-highest funded Kickstarter ever is a cooler, you ...

The Giant Tablet

The Philips SMART All-in-One S231C4– Is it tablet, is it a screen is it a monitor? Well to the joy of Android lovers out there… it’s pretty much all of them. Bridging the gap between a ...