Buffalo’s award-winning family of LinkStation™ NAS (Network attached storage) devices like the Duo 1TB NAS Drive provide a simple cost effective solution to protect, manage, and share your critical information. They are designed for small to medium-sized businesses or homes that want to share central data. All Buffalo NAS devices include Memeo™ AutoBackup software to manage your essential backups.

Network attached storage devices (commonly abbreviated to NAS) - are storage components that can be accessed over a computer network (usually TCP/IP), rather than directly being connected to the computer (internal hard drives or external USB/SCSI drives). NAS devices enable multiple computers to share the same storage space at once.

These devices are assigned an IP address and can then be accessed by clients (PCs or laptops) via a server that acts as a gateway to the data (this server is within the NAS device and hence NAS devices are often referred to as NAS servers).

Some of the big advantages of NAS include the expandability; if you need more storage space, add another NAS device and expand the available storage. They also bring an extra level of fault tolerance to the network. Fault tolerant measures such as RAID can be used to make sure that the NAS device does not become a point of failure. NAS systems often contain more than one hard disk drive, often arranged into logical, redundant storage containers or RAID arrays for added redundancy/security - thus protecting data in the case of disk failure.