Decades of Technological Success

Amazingly Canon have been producing cutting-edge technology since the 1930s. A worldwide brand synonymous with producing reliable and high-performance products they are, of course, also one of the biggest and most trusted names in tech.

A Word about Business

Canon deliver performance, reliability and affordability – qualities every business values. Here at you will find all your office essentials including many different types of printer with official inks and toners along with other consumables such as specialist and everyday paper.

Get into Focus with Canon

Canon are perhaps best known for their photography equipment and there can’t be many households in the UK that haven’t owned at least one of their cameras at some point. Whether you are an amateur or professional photographer they are the obvious choice for those looking to produce stunning images. Here at Ebuyer you can discover a wide selection of both compact and SLR digital cameras.

For holiday snaps and occasional use a compact camera is the best option and you can choose from many different models. If, however, you are more of an enthusiast, or even a pro, an SLR camera is the way to go. The difference with a digital SLR camera is you are able to change the lens and produce more ‘professional’ shots.

Again, you will find an excellent variety of SLR cameras here at together with a variety of lenses and other accessories to create the ultimate photography outfit for either professionals or enthusiastic amateurs.

For videographers the range of professional grade equipment including file based full HD camcorders will ensure great results every time. Designed for commercial use, or for the hobbyist who must have the latest kit, the range of Canon camcorders carried by provide a cutting-edge but affordable solution.


All businesses, academic institutions and most households will need a printer. Every second of every day there is a printer chattering away somewhere and Canon have long being the market leader in providing robust, affordable and high-performance machines.

At Home

Canon are renowned for producing low-cost but high-quality inkjet printers for home use. With a number of printers and multi-function machines, including photo printers to choose from, all the family will be able to find a machine to suit their needs.

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