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Sourcing a profit

Blues Digital
Tel: 01686 610 106

When Darren Williams began his new computer repair business in 2006 he found the companies start-up status a barrier to trade suppliers. The need to find a reliable source of components at a reasonable price led Darren to He said, “As a new business it was very difficult to find components at prices keen enough to be able to turn even a modest profit. Finding Ebuyer made it easier to access the supplies my business needed at a reasonable price.”

Ten years on, still going strong

A decade later Bluesdigital has expanded to add website design and commercial printing to their portfolio, and worked hard to build a reputation based on trust and providing high levels of service to both B2C and B2B clients within the Newtown Powys area.

As with any business experiencing rapid growth, a challenge for Bluesdigital was to ensure orders reached them quickly, safely, and at a price from which they could meet or exceed their customer’s expectations. Which is why, as Darren Williams explains, Bluesdigital still shop at Ebuyer, “Even though my business has grown to the point where lots of suppliers hound me with offers of trade accounts, the trust we have built up over the last few year’s means that I will carry on using Ebuyer for the bulk of my purchases.”

Trust on account

Trust and respect are fundamental requirements in any business relationship and is something which certainly exists between Bluesdigital and the Business Team at Mr. Williams said, “I have never had any concerns about using Ebuyer’s services. Neither have I been made to feel like a ‘small’ business, respect flows both ways due to the honesty and clarity in our relationship.”

All business customers of Ebuyer have access to a named account manager and it is this facility which Mr. Williams finds particularly useful. “I feel my interests are being looked after by someone who cares about my business. They have always struck a great balance between my interests, and those of Ebuyer. Never do I feel the ‘hard sell’, which is prevalent with other suppliers. The knowledge my manager has of my business enables him to target offers and services that are relevant to me.

“Every manager who has looked after my account over the years has been beyond reproach. They have helped me grow & nurture my little ‘backstreet’ PC repair shop into the business it is today.”

Best laid plans…

Sometimes things go wrong. It’s a consequence of dealing in volume. But when it does it’s important to know your supplier will do everything in their power to resolve any issues. It’s something the Business Team at Ebuyer pride themselves on. Mr. Williams agrees, “If something is wrong, it gets fixed, whatever issue has arisen has always been resolved. Any returns are processed without any hassle at all, enabling me to get on with my work, with the knowledge my manager is on the case.”

Looking forward

After exponential growth over the last decade the future is certainly bright for Bluesdigital whose computer repair and sales arm continues to prosper. They have also recently launched a commercial printing service to complement their popular digital facility as expansion continues apace.

As the successful family run business continues its journey Darren Williams explains why Bluesdigital will remain a customer of, “They provide fast shipping, have a great product range, and offer good pricing. I also have the fantastic support of my manager. Suffice to say, I’m very happy with Ebuyer, and I’m looking forward to my thousandth order this year.”