Refurbishment Process

Buying refurbished is good for your wallet and means you can pick up a current/slightly older model PC/laptop for a fraction of the price of new. They all undergo rigorous testing procedures, if you would like to know more, feel free to watch this video made by CFA themselves.

All our items go through the same rigorous testing procedure. Our refurbishment process can be compared to buying a used car from an approved car dealership. The highest standards are mandatory.

We are an ultra low carbon company. Therefore no carbon is added in the refurbishment process.” - Leon Lindblad

Refurbishment checks

  1. Visual Inspection

    Any Laptop or PC that cannot be refurbished to a high standard is immediately rejected and recycled.

  2. First Power On test

    Visually inspect screens to ensure item works.

  3. Reset Defaults

    and clear any passwords.

  4. Customize the spec

    to order: extra RAM if required or change HDD.

  5. Clean and test

    all original AC Adapters on laptops. If the Laptop power supply needs replacing, the replacement will conform to all EU regulations. Test paperwork is available upon request.

  6. Burn-in test

    Tests Motherboard, Memory, HDD, Screen, Optical Drive.

Quality Assurance checks

  1. Comprehensive internal

    and external cleaning. Ensuring laptop fans are clear of dust to prevent overheating is a particular focus.

  2. Load and activate operating system

    Activate Operating system over the wireless network.

  3. Reset Defaults

    and clear any passwords.

  4. Laptop batteries

    Any weak or low capacity battery will be replaced with new. Some of the original batteries are great, so don’t need it.

  5. Final QA Process

    Final check by engineer. Test software in the operating system is used to re-check the CPU, Motherboard, HDD, Memory, Sound, Screen, Graphics, Keyboard, Wireless and Optical Drive. When the checks are passed the machine is shut down. It is then visually inspected by another engineer and given a final clean. The engineer ticks off everything on the check sheet, initialises and dates it.

Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher

The Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher program is for large refurbishers headquartered worldwide who meet a minimum average threshold of 1,000 PC’s shipped per month. As part of the program CFA professionally refurbish laptops, desktops and servers which would otherwise go to landfill. We started as a small company and grew to become one of the best and largest suppliers of refurbished devices in the UK.

CFA have years of experience professionally refurbishing computers – having direct access to Microsoft resources gives us unparalleled technical knowledge support. Some methods include: Using data security, compliance methods, environmental and sustainability best practices. We have the ability to provide complete PC solutions at a great value for business and home use. Furthermore, we proudly supply educational and charitable organisations at a discount scheme.

A professionally refurbished PC with Windows helps grant more reliability and responsiveness. All machines undergo rigorous testing before being supplied. As a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher we stay committed to our mission for environmental sustainability whilst offering the highest level of quality and security in our products.

Why Buy Refurbished?

Our philosophy is simple:
The more computers we resell the more we save the planet

CFA could considerably enhance your ECO initiatives:this is the age of global economy.

  • However, we are a UK based company and believe in managing our business in the UK, meaning jobs for UK workers and with all our facilities located in the UK, we reduce transit miles.
  • We also source most of our equipment from the UK; we refurbish at our centre in Poole and deliver it straight to the end user. We can react to customer demand in the UK promptly and efficiently.
  • It takes 1500 litres of water, 3000 KWH of Electricity, 22kg of chemicals and 700kg of CO2 to create a new computer or device. Each time a refurbished device is bought there is a positive environmental effect.
  • At CFA Trading we have a total refurbishing experience capability from cosmetic to complete refit. Very few companies offer the total, one facility refurbishment.

It takes 1500 litres of water, 3000 KWH of Electricity, 22kg of chemicals and 700kg of CO2 to create a new computer or device. Each time a refurbished device is bought there is a positive environmental effect.