Cheap Monitors

Why ‘cheap monitors’ isn’t a dirty word

Don’t be fooled in to thinking that you need to spend a lot of money to get a great quality monitor, because you don’t. Cheap monitors offer exceptional value for money and have many of the features you would expect from a high-end model. They just don’t have the high-end price.

While the best cheap monitors aren’t going to speed up your computer, they can make your experience much better by making everything easier to see and read, boosting productivity. And, if you ask us, the best monitors will also be affordable, so that anyone can find a cost-effective screen that won’t hurt their eyes or their bank balance.

With high pixel density, fast refresh rates, and so many different screen sizes, it’s never been easier to find a great monitor at a great price. And let’s face it, technology has advanced so much over the last decade that pretty much all monitors these days should be excellent.


Full HD Monitors are so inexpensive that your business should really take advantage of their versatility and use an external display for everything from iPads to smartphones. There are many ways businesses can use them, from presentations to site visits captured on mobiles.

Bearing in mind budget restraints and desk space available, the best advice we can give is get the largest budget monitor you can afford. You’ll rarely regret buying a large monitor, but ALWAYS regret buying that’s too small.

Even if you have a laptop computer, you can plug a large screen computer monitor into it and gain a lot more screen space than the laptop can provide.

Multiple monitors

People who spend all day working on a single screen, jumping between windows to get work will tell you that it’s a time-consuming nightmare. More and more businesses are getting wise to the benefits of using budget monitors to set up dual monitor rigs for their workers. The system saves lots of time and increases productivity.

With a multi-monitor set-up, you can buy two or even three smaller budget monitors for the price of one larger display. These monitors may be budget, but they are anything but cheap. They have the same high-dynamic contrast as hi-end models and they also support video input interfaces, letting you connect with multiple devices such as laptops, desktops, cameras, smartphones and streaming boxes.

Split screen monitors

If you buy a larger budget monitor, some of them, including the LG 32MA70HY offer a screen split 2.0 feature for multi-tasking and a convenient wall-mounting set up. A split-screen is an alternative to having multiple monitors – but both options are inexpensive.

Ports in a storm

Most budget monitors have multiple ports these days, which gives you much more flexibility. HDMI, DVI, VGA… and in some models such as the Acer R240HY you can actually plug your mobile or tablet to instantly view its content on the big screen. There are many work applications for multiple ports.


Budget monitors also have ergonomic attributes. For example, the Xenta 27” full-HD monitor has a wide-viewing angle to help combat eye-strain. There are also models out there with flicker-free screens and swivel and tilt functionality – by setting up your work area more ergonomically, this will help you avoid neck and shoulder pain.

Samsung’s cheap monitor options have an Eye Saver Mode and the Flicker-Free feature, you so you’ll be able to use the computer for longer periods of time, as your eyes won't start feeling tired right away. What Eye Saver Mode does, is that it decreases the blue colour intensity. It is especially useful for those who spend a lot of time on the Internet, reading or working with text files.

For day-to-day office use and productivity-related tasks a matte or non-glare display is generally considered more comfortable for office work. If you intend to buy a large number of monitors for a business, you might also want to consider purchasing energy efficient models as well, as this will contribute to long-term running costs.

They’ve got the look

Another common misconception is that cheap monitors don’t look as good as leading brands. This is untrue. Many cheap monitors look great and have been designed to the highest standards. Look at the Dell SE22 19H for example, a very cheap monitor which looks fabulous.

Monitor mounts

For that extra flexibility, why not select a stylish monitor mount to help give you extra space in the workplace, while also contributing to the well-being of your staff. You’ll be surprised how little a quality monitor arm or mount can cost.

Banish the brand

There is still an amount of snobbery involved when buying a computer product but try and quell your desire to buy a leading name just for the sake of it. Take a moment to think about all the money you can save. And quality will not be affected.

So, the next time you hear someone dismissing ‘cheap monitors’, you’ll know that they’re about to spend much more money than they need to.

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