The cheapest printer inks and how to find them

We all love a bargain. Finding the best prices on anything is always a good feeling. And getting the cheapest printer inks when your cartridge runs out always feels like a winner.

It’s always a pain when your ink runs out. We’ve all had that frustrated feeling when we print out a document and half the text is missing because our gamble on not ordering a replacement cartridge has failed. Ah well.

But there’s really no excuse for running out of ink. If there’s one thing we know about any ink cartridge is that eventually it’ll be empty. So, we really shouldn’t be caught on the hop. And because now you can get cartridges online there’s no reason not to stock up and always have a replacement cartridge to hand.

What are the cheapest printer inks?

There’s no doubt that the cheapest printer inks are so-called ‘compatible’ products or unashamed counterfeit cartridges. They don’t have the development or manufacturing costs of genuine printer inks from companies like HP. Nor do they have the same quality. But they are obviously much cheaper than the inks manufacturers make for their own printers. However, in this case, cheap doesn’t mean good value.

The problem with the cheapest printer inks

We touched on it above. Compatible or counterfeit inks just aren’t as good as official inks. And I’m well aware now they’ll be people saying “I’ve used them for years with no trouble.” Maybe so. But exceptions never prove any rule.

The facts are indisputable. Genuine manufacturers’ inks deliver better results. This isn’t surprising. They’re made specifically for the printer by the company that built the device.

This is why they:

  • Deliver higher quality printed pages.
  • Print more pages per cartridge.
  • Produce consistent results from the first page to the last.
  • No spoiled pages.
  • Won’t invalidate your printer’s guarantee. Yep – using compatible inks can damage the nozzles on your printer and your warranty could be null and void. Is it worth the risk?

And if we’re talking price – and let’s face it we are - the actual cost per printed page is likely to be lower than that of a compatible ink cartridges.

So, the question we’re asking and attempting to answer shouldn’t be ‘where to find the cheapest printer inks?’ But, ‘where to find the cheapest genuine printer inks?’

More choice, more value

In the final analysis official inks are the best value cartridges you can buy. And I’m well aware that some people won’t be convinced. But as we’ve pointed out by using genuine ink the cost per printed page is lower and you don’t have to factor in the cost of buying a new printer should that ‘bargain’ compatible ink cartridge damage the print head.

So, when you need a replacement ink cartridge always opt for the genuine article. And the best place to get them is at Ebuyer who offer nearly 2,000 different ink cartridges from the biggest manufacturers including HP, Samsung and Brother.

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