Crucial DDR4 Pro Memory

No fuss. Just fast.

When plug-and-play performance is crucial, go pro.

Low-profile heat spreader

Dissipate module heat and enhance your gaming rig with a sleek, modern look. With our integrated low-profile heat spreader, Crucial DDR4 Pro can even fit in smaller PCs.

Supports Intel® XMP 2.0

Achieve easy performance recovery on CPUs that suppress rated memory speeds with Intel® XMP 2.0 turned on in the UEFI/BIOS settings2. Get the full value of your investment without overpaying for performance.

No-fuss memory for gaming rigs

Boost in-game frame rates and eliminate screen tears. Enhance gaming rigs with our sleek heat spreader without the fuss of chasing B/E-die, LEDs or the risks associated with overclocking speeds and tuning latency.


Improved productivity for creatives and professionals

With Crucial DDR4 Pro memory, improve system speeds to render faster and multitask with ease, even with multiple browser tabs open.

Micron quality and reliability

As one of only three global memory manufacturers, and with 45 years of memory expertise, Micron delivers cutting-edge engineering and superior component and module-level testing for all Crucial DRAM products.

  1. Crucial DDR4 Pro Memory modules (UDIMMs) can only be installed in desktops/workstations built to support DDR4 DRAM, such as 8th–13th Gen Intel® Core and AMD Ryzen™ 1000–5000 Series desktop CPUs.
  2. Crucial DDR4 Pro Memory modules can reach rated JEDEC speeds with Intel XMP 2.0 turned on in the UEFI/BIOS settings. Altering clock frequency or voltage may result in damage to computer components. Micron disclaims any and all liability for such damage. Warranty voided if Crucial DRAM is set to overclock beyond JEDEC specifications, rated speeds, and timings.
  3. Comparing 3,200MT/s to 2,400MT/s.
  4. Densities are defined by JEDEC for the life of the DDR4 generation of memory.
  5. Limited lifetime warranty valid everywhere except Germany, where warranty is valid for 10 years from the date of purchase.