FFEI Case study



Who are FFEI?

With over 70 years of digital imaging and digital inkjet technology design and manufacture FFEI is an industry leader and innovator.

Whether the challenge is to create software functions to enhance a workflow; accurately jet billions of ink droplets a second on to exotic materials; or even create ultra-high resolution micro scanning mechanisms to research human tissue cells – FFEI has the capability.

Based in Hemel Hempstead, UK, FFEI works with prestigious companies around the globe producing digital imaging products in the fields of cell biology and digital pathology.

Where does Ebuyer fit in?

“As a manufacturer of cutting- edge digital pathology equipment, it’s vital that we have the stability and surety of supply when it comes to electrical components - and that’s where we have a developed a special relationship with Ebuyer.”

Reliability and flexibility

Our previous suppliers would only fulfil back-to-back orders, which made life difficult for us, as we need the security of longer-term supplies. We build PCs which are incorporated into digital pathology products and we need a 12-month commitment for any given part. We had previously bought tech through Ebuyer, and it was the company’s ability to take a different approach - one that would satisfy our manufacturing schedules - that made all the difference. Ebuyer has taken the time to fully understand how our process works, and the implications of it.”

“We know that with our system in place, if a part comes to the end of its lifetime, then we still have the best part of a year to trial new components, as Ebuyer has the components ringfenced for us in its facility. This means our own manufacturing process can continue smoothly.”

“Even if we schedule alterations, for example, by bringing forward orders, we know that the parts are secured and ready for us. We need to be able to place an order at short notice safe in the knowledge that those vital components are there waiting for us straight away. It’s this flexibility which makes Ebuyer stand out.”

Communication is key

Ian says that even though having continuity of supply is vital, communication is also extremely important. “Have a good working relationship also plays a big part. We work closely with Ebuyer’s Rob Neville and Luke Durham who are in touch regularly and we know they’ll do everything they can to ensure the continuity of supply.”

Continues Ian, “Both Rob and Luke understand the importance of having the right components at the right time for us, and Ebuyer can warn FFEI in advance of any supply issues further down the line. It’s a system which works extremely well.”

A win-win relationship

“Our current contracts manufacturing digital imaging products in the fields of cell biology and digital pathology means that we have several years of production ahead of us. Our relationship with Ebuyer is a genuine win/win for both parties, as FFEI has the security of long- term supply and Ebuyer has regular, long-term business.”

“We’ve been really pleased with Ebuyer and its understanding of our unique situation. So we’re looking forward to continuing our solid relationship well into the future.”