idata Case study

iData Com Ltd.

The complete IT, telecoms and cloud company

iData Com

iData Com is a leading company which keeps its customers ahead of the game with the latest business communication systems and IT. They act as a consultant, helping their clients save money, increase efficiency and tailor a solution to take their business to the next level.

iData Com’s Chris Quayle says, “We know just how difficult it is to keep up with the latest advances in technology. Just as you’re getting used to the technology you already have in place, the next big thing is brought out!”

Where does Ebuyer fit in?

The Mold (Wales) based company joined Ebuyer in December 2019 as they needed a reliable supplier which could provide both excellent pricing and the convenience of a designated account manager to fully understand their needs.

Continues Chris, “Since the departure of my IT Director, I've taken back the purchasing of tech for iData Com, and I must say that the whole process has been very good. I wish we’d joined up with Ebuyer sooner!”

A designated account manager

iData Com’s experience of working with their designated account manager Zach Penn has been positive and mutually beneficial. “Zach is always contactable and has gone the extra mile making our business purchase more from you,” says Chris. “You will have seen an account go from £1-2K to now spending £30K... I have compared some prices and can see how competitive Ebuyer is.”

Zach Penn says that excellent communication is vital to ensure that Ebuyer’s business customer’s can get on with running their business. “Sometimes, businesses need immediate attention because if they have a certain issue, the knock-on effect can be massive – and very costly.

Going above and beyond

“We cannot stress how important it is for us to have someone at Ebuyer who we know is going to go and above and beyond what is normally provided,” says Chris. “Zach is always on the end of a phone or email, and importantly, if he doesn't know the answer to an issue we have, then he will know a person within the business that will! We really value the fast response times – there’s none of this ‘We’ll give you a call back tomorrow etc’ or ‘we’ll have to call Dell’ and so on. They just get on with it!”