Impulse Embedded Case study


Industrial computer systems and solutions provider

Who are JC Computer Technologies?

Impulse Embedded Ltd is a leading provider of industrial computer systems and solutions. Founded over 25 years ago, with a vision to connect UK companies with global innovation, Impulse Embedded has stayed at the forefront of technology and has supported unique customer projects by being a familiar link to manufacturing partners.

Where does Ebuyer fit in?

The relationship between Impulse Embedded and Ebuyer stretches back to 2009. Stuart Watson, Senior Buyer, is responsible for all of the company’s purchasing requirements. It’s important for him to achieve best value and receive efficient and reliable service. He describes working with Ebuyer’s Account Manager Gemma Clarke as “top notch”.

A dedicated account manager

“Gemma has excellent organisational skills,” he says. “She gives us brilliant customer service and aftersales care. She’s provided our business with unparalleled service on pricing and product delivery”. Stuart concludes: “Ebuyer is a pleasure to work with – and having a dedicated Account Manager such as Gemma has made it a very easy company to do business with.”

Gemma herself comments: “It’s crucial for Ebuyer to give the best it can, all of the time, so that the relationships with customers remain reliable and productive. This is the way we’ve built our reputation over the years. We provide top tech – and a bit more.”