Mark One Case study



Who are Mark One Consultants?

Somerset-based Mark One Consultants limited were founded in 1998 by Mark McLaughlin, providing a variety of I.T. services to local businesses.

In 2008, the company moved into the software development arena and with the assistance of an existing client, their first commercial software package was launched a year later.

Now with an established software development department and an ever- growing team of certified professionals heading up the I.T. services department, Mark One Consultants provide their clients with the complete I.T. service. From day-to-day help desk support, to onsite ICT visits, hardware installation and setup, through to bespoke database applications, apps and related services.

Where does Ebuyer fit in?

I.T companies need to source their tech, and Mark One Consultant decided to join Ebuyer in August 2019 as they needed a reliable supplier to provide solid technical advice on a wide range of components and systems.

A designated account manager

Mark One management team member Kerry- Marie Mclaughlin says, “We have a good relationship with Zach Penn, our account manager and as a business we find Zach really easy to deal with, he understands our processes and is extremely helpful on ordering.”

“Ebuyer has helped us secure stock of items and Zach has helped us save money by holding items during the day - so we process just one delivery.”

Kerry-Marie stresses how important it is to know that Mark One have a ‘hotline’ to an account manager they know who has their best interests at heart. She says, “It is easy to just email one person than place orders throughout the day. We sometimes have queries or issues - and Zach is always prompt at replying and dealing with anything. It also means when I take annual leave the IT staff can still place orders without needing my business card. We also have found that if something is out of stock there is sometimes the option with Zach to get it custom built so we can have it quicker.”

“Before having an account manager it could take a little longer to get back to us regarding returns or queries or hardware faults. With Zach we can just order straight through him and deal with him direct, making the process much smoother.”

Reliabable, dedicated service

Ebuyer’s Zach Penn realises the importance of ensuring the right tech and assistance is provided as quickly as possible. “Mark One Consultants provide all manner of I.T help, and if they don’t get the right tech for themselves and their clients quickly, then it’s ultimately going to cost them time and money, which we want to avoid at all costs. With many businesses struggling during COVID-19, the last thing they need is lacklustre service. We aim to get back to our clients quickly, and if the issue is something I can’t help with personally, then I’ll find a specialist at Ebuyer who can.”