Meinhardt Case study



Who are Meinhardt?

Meinhardt (UK) is a leading international multidisciplinary engineering consultancy which provides integrated engineering services in the areas of Civil, Structural, Building Services, Façade and other related disciplines.

Where does Ebuyer fit in?

The company’s connection with Ebuyer began back in 2015, and Isabelle Hassleman is their current Account Manager at Ebuyer. Ernest Steadman, Meinhardt-UK’s Senior Electrical Engineer, values the ‘personal touch’ and knows how far this can go towards a successful business relationship.

He says: “It’s a joy to deal with Izzy. We have a great laugh and she’s friendly – but most importantly from a business point of view she always tries her best to get me what I have asked for.”

One dedicated representative

Izzy herself recognises the importance of customers having one person as their immediate point of contact. “As a customer, it’s always better to have a dedicated representative working on your behalf,” she says. “This is something Ebuyer as a whole recognises as a matter of course, and so has developed a strong team of dedicated and efficient Account Managers.”

For Ernest at Meinhardt-UK, a single point of contact at Ebuyer reduces the stress of his own needs. “From past experience, generally speaking, if you pass something on to a team, they will just wait for someone to eventually get round to doing it. But with Izzy as our contact, I know that I can leave her to source a product request in the knowledge that she will come back to me after trying her level best to do so.”

Plugging the supply gap

On some occasions, Izzy has been able to ‘plug the supply gap’ and help. Ernest explains: “A few times when a product has shown as either being very low in stock or even no stock at all, more often that not Izzy has been able to source the required quantity or even the product itself.”