UHY Hacker Young Case study


Five-partner Chartered Accountancy practice

Who are UHY Hacker Young?

UHY Hacker Young is a five-partner Chartered Accountancy practice based in South Wales and Bristol. It provides specialist accountancy services, including audit and accountancy, personal and corporate tax, corporate finance, financial planning & wealth management, and services thousands of clients.

The firm has roots tracing back to the 1930s and was originally called Peacheys - which became part of the national UHY Hacker Young group in 2009 and then, in 2014, changed its name to reflect its parent group.

Where does Ebuyer fit in?

UHY Hacker Young joined Ebuyer in early 2019, as it needed a reliable and capable supplier of tech. The firm has quite a high demand for servers, laptops, PCs and peripherals – but it does not have its own dedicated IT manager to oversee and manage these acquisitions.

A dedicated account manager

Ebuyer Account Manager Jo Birkett is UHY Hacker Young’s point of contact and facilitates the needs of the business. “I’m very happy to be able to provide UHY Hacker Young with the attention it requires. It’s a busy firm which thrives on providing an excellent service to clients – so Ebuyer needs to be helpful and . Sometimes this means drilling down into specific requirements and working out what is the right tech.”

Paul Byett, one of the partners, describes how Jo is his ‘go-to’ one-stop shop and how efficient the service is. “With no IT Manager, how it works is that I explain what I want and Jo gives me the options. The next day the kit arrives. Jo takes all time and effort out of our purchasing.”

A recent example of Jo going ‘above and beyond’ on behalf of UHY Hacker Young was when he company required new VOIP phones. Paul explains: “I had a specific need that was not on Ebuyer’s website. I gave Jo the spec and she was able to source the phones directly from manufacturer. This meant I didn’t have to search around the internet and get an unknown supplier.”

A strong relationship

Confidence and trust in the relationship between UHY Hacker Young and Ebuyer has been an essential component. Paul says: “We had no complaints with the business team - but the personal touch has really developed with Jo. So whereas we originally sourced maybe 50% of our items elsewhere, Ebuyer is now first point of call for everything IT related – and that’s because we completely trust and respect Jo.”