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What is an External Hard Drive?

An external hard drive is a portable device which will increase the storage capacity of your PC or laptop. Connected to your computer either wirelessly or via USB, they can be used to store multimedia files or to back-up your PC. Choose from our range of external hard drives with capacities of up to 16TB.


One of the biggest advantages of an external hard drive is its portability. Small and light enough to be taken anywhere, these plug and play devices can be used with any computer. This means you can take every file from your desktop PC, or your full collection of multimedia, with you wherever you travel.


Many portable external hard drives have a fast USB 3.0 connection. This allows a data transfer rate of 5.0 GBps, making it quick and easy to store large media files. If more speed is important to you, consider an external SSD which are typically lighter and faster than hard drives.

Desktop hard drives

Usually with higher capacities than portable versions, these external hard drive are designed to sit on the desk. Providing easy additional storage these desktop devices connect to a PC through high-speed USB 3.0.


Most devices connect via USB though but you have the option of wireless. Wireless external hard drives remove the need for cables and can conveniently stream content to any wireless enabled device.


Probably the biggest factor in most peoples buying decision, external hard drives are available in capacities ranging from under one terabyte all the way up to 16TB.

With a one terabyte device capable of storing around 250 HD movies it is easy to see how many media files can be stored on larger hard drives.

Multimedia enthusiasts, photographers, videographers, and designers will find an external hard drive invaluable for additional storage or as a backup device.

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