Best Gaming Chairs 2022

Best Gaming Chairs 2022


Razer Iskur Gaming Chair

Razer Iskur Gaming Chair
  • 4-D Arm Rests
  • Multi-Layer PVC Leather
  • Adjustable Lumbar Support
  • 139° Recline
  • Steel Construction

We crowned the Razer Iskur the ‘ultimate gaming chair’ in our recent review – check it out for an in-depth dive into the chair’s unboxing, assembly and features.

If you’re a PC gamer, you’ll have no doubt heard of the Razer brand for its high-end gaming gear – peripherals, powerful laptops and more. In the gaming market, Razer has covered a lot of bases. The Iskur was Razer’s first attempt at a gaming chair, and it knocked things right out of the park.

Compared to the rest of the gaming chairs we’ll recommend, the stand-out feature of the Razer Iskur is its pneumatic-operated adjustable lumbar support. Hit a lever, and a lumbar support raises to comfort to and prop up your posture. It’s a straight upgrade from built-in, non-adjustable lumbar support and cushions, encouraging healthier gaming sessions.

From the iconic green stitching to the bold ‘For Gamers, By Gamers’ slogan embroidered along the seat, no-one will mistake the Razer Iskur as anything other than gaming chair. It makes an ideal gaming chair for an all-Razer gaming set-up.  

Corsair TC60 Fabric Gaming Chair

Corsair TC60 Fabric Gaming Chair
  • 3-D Arm Rests
  • Soft Cloth Fabric
  • Built-In Lumbar Support
  • 105° Recline
  • Steel Construction

You’ll be using a gaming chair all year round and if the thought of sticking to a leather-wrapped gaming chair during the year’s sweatiest season doesn’t appeal to you, you could consider a fabric gaming chair.

A soft and breathable surface, working in conjunction with plush cushioning, makes Corsair’s TC60 Fabric a gaming chair that’s deeply comfortable to the touch – no matter how long you’ve been gaming. Of course, it’s personal preference, but fabric is a great material choice for a gaming chair. It doesn’t hold onto much heat, so you’ll be able to keep cool and composed during long gaming sessions.

We’ve linked to the grey colourway, but the Corsair TC60 Fabric gaming chair is also available in an all-black or white version too, giving your more options to deck out the perfect gaming set-up.

Cougar Armor S Gaming Chair

Cougar Armor S Gaming Chair
  • 4-D Arm Rests
  • Multi-Layer PVC Leather
  • Lumbar Cushion
  • 180° Recline
  • Steel Construction

Bold colours, body-hugging bolstering and a high-back design – if you’re looking for the quintessential gaming chair, it’s this. The Cougar Armor S ticks every box you’d expect, and then some.

Extra-thick PVC leather is a considerable step-up for standard PU leather, stitched in a diamond shape that’s a cut above the rest. It’s uniquely Cougar, with an embroidered headrest, neck cushion and lumbar cushion that won’t wear out over time.

While the other gaming chairs we’ve recommended have a respectable degree of recline, more than adequate for most use-cases, the Cougar Armor S features a full-on 180° of recline. Yes, if you’d so wish, you could lie entirely flat on this gaming chair! An extended range of recline gives you room to find an angle that’s most comfortable to you, rather than restrictive, pre-defined steps.

What to look for in a gaming chair

Buying a gaming chair can be surprisingly tricky. Online, it’s hard to convey a sense of comfort through a product’s spec-sheet.

Unlike, say, a graphics card, there’s no easy way to compare one gaming chair against another. Obviously, you can’t run performance benchmarks on a gaming chair, or monitor boost clocks and thermals.

Personal preference

There’s no measurable figures to rule a clear winner, it’s mostly down to personal preference. A gaming chair might fit one person, perfectly contouring to their body’s shape and size, yet it causes cramps and aches for the next person.

The near-identical appearance of gaming chairs compounds the issue even further. Exploding in popularity, gaming chairs are a relatively new product of category, so they haven’t had much time to evolve design-wise.

They all adopt the design of a race car’s bucket seat, with sky-high headrests and padded bolstering running down the flanks. It’s what helps define a gaming chair from a no-frills, non-gaming chair, but not all gaming chairs are created equal.

Get the right gaming chair

On the gaming chair market, doppelgängers run rampant. Their appearances pass a cursory glance, but the fit-and-finish leaves a lot to be desired. After all, how often are you buying a new gaming chair? You want one that’ll last, not just look the part.

We’ve recommended the best gaming chairs – Ebuyer stocks only high-quality ones. If you’re wondering what you should be keeping an eye out for when browsing Ebuyer’s range of gaming chairs, here’s what you can smartly infer from a product’s spec-sheet and images.


When it comes to gaming chairs, you’ve got two choices of material: synthetic leather or fabric. At present, you don’t tend to see to many mesh-backed gaming chairs, they’re reserved for ordinary chairs.

On the best gaming chairs, including the ones recommended above, you’ll find ‘PVC’ leather as opposed to the ‘PU’ leather that’s ubiquitous at the low-end. Both are synthetic, but PVC leather is thicker as it’s comprised of many more layers. Conversely, PU has noticeably less.

This makes it easier and cheaper to work with, which is partly why you’ll find PU leather on so many gaming chairs. But it’s less durable and will soon begin to peel. To the touch, PU leather also feels more fake, like a kid’s toy. Whereas PVC leather mimics the real deal pretty convincingly.

Leather vs. Fabric

The main advantage of a leather-wrapped gaming chair is how resilient they can be. After years’ worth of use, the best leather gaming chairs will look like they’ve rolled off the factory floor. Leather is so easy to clean with one wipe of a cloth – a boon for pet owners.

In manufacturing, it’s also easier to dye leather, giving gamers a wide range of customisation. Red, green, blue – you’ll find a leather gaming chair that fits your battle-station.

Compared to a fabric, however, leather might not be the most comfortable. In extended gaming sessions, mainly during the summer months, leather can quickly go from premium-feeling to sweat-drenched and sticky. A fabric gaming chair will be more breathable.

Acting as a magnet for fur, fabric isn’t so simple to wipe down. Spills and stains won’t come up as easily, either.


Before assessing a gaming chair’s seat, first we’d start by looking down at the base, as it hints as the rest of the chair’s construction.

As the base supports the whole weight of the gaming chair itself – they can be quite hefty – and your body too, they’re a common point of failure.

On the best gaming chairs, the base should be a sturdy piece of metal, as opposed to plastic.

Plastic vs. Metal

Get up and down from your gaming chair enough times, and it’s likely that a plastic base will develop creaks and cracks – whereas a metal base will withstand years of wear-and-tear.

While you’re looking at a gaming chair’s base, look at the caster wheels too. You want wheels that are large and roll over obstacles easily, not ones that’ll chew up cables and carpeting flooring.  

Arm Rests

You’ll find many gaming chair arm rests described as ‘4-D’. As ridiculous of a marketing gimmick as this sounds, there is a slight grain of truth to the concept.

What are 4-D arm rests?

No, gaming chair manufacturers haven’t stumbled upon a way to access the fourth-dimension, but these 4-D arms rest move in four directions. You can adjust their height up-and-down, slide them forward-and-back, rotate their angle left-and-right and slide them in-and-out.

Why do I need 4-D arm rests?

This lets you quickly manoeuvre and adjust a gaming chair’s arm rests to precisely your liking, which you’ll need when gaming. Everyone has their own slightly unique way of operating their set-up, and you won’t always remain fixed in one position.

When navigating your desktop for a game to play, perhaps you like arm rests brought up to match the desk’s height.

When you load up a game that requires a controller you can move the arm rests closer to your body to cradle and support the controller’s weight.

Or alternatively, if you’re competing in an esports first-person shooter, drop the arms rests out of the way and tuck yourself right in and use your elbow’s entire range of movement.  

Arm rest material

You’ll also want to look at the arm rests’ material and construction. Padded arm rests are the norm on gaming chairs as bare, scratchy plastics are unforgiving to gamer’s pointy elbows.

Watch gaming chair reviews videos – check out the Ebuyer YouTube channel – to see if there’s too much looseness and rattle to the arm rests.


At present, there’s a high chance you’re working at least a few days per week from home. Or, maybe you’re one of the lucky ones who’s struck a remote-working contract.

If you’re a gamer, however, that means an unthinkable amount of time spent in the same chair. A day’s work in front of the boring computer, and many more hours in front of the fun computer. All that time in the wrong chair is a fast track to an unhealthy, hunched-over posture.

Find a gaming chair that fits you

Gaming chairs are not one-size-fits-all. When browsing Ebuyer’s range of gaming chairs, double-check the height and weight requirements.

You don’t want a gaming chair that dwarfs you, or one that’s too tight and constricts your range of movement, forcing you into an unergonomic posture.

This is mostly important for gaming chairs with built-in and non-adjustable lumbar support, as it might not align with your back’s curvature at all.

Fortunately, you’ll find size guides and best-fit calculators on many gaming chair manufacturer websites. Input your height, weight and aspects you’re looking for in a gaming chair, and it spits out which one bests suits you from their line-up.


We could talk at length about the importance of ergonomics, but there’s one real reason why you’re browsing for a gaming chair in particular – it’s the ‘gamer aesthetic’.

In a gaming battle-station, among the rest of your gaming-branded peripherals and accessories, an ordinary chair stands out for the wrong reasons. It’s boring, plain and at odds with the flashy RGB lighting that’s no doubt pulsating around your room.


A chair doesn’t have to be functional, straight-faced piece of equipment. Rather, a gaming chair lets you have an impressively cohesive set-up. Material, colourway and more – there’s so much to choose from.

Also, manufacturers regularly partner with game developers and publishers to release limited-time gaming chair designs if you want to represent your favourite game while live-streaming. This just isn’t something you’d see on a run-of-the-mill chair.

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