Best Gaming Keyboards 2019

Best Gaming Keyboards 2019


Best Gaming Keyboards 2019

Having a solid gaming keyboard is essential for any PC player’s set-up, as – just like with a great gaming mouse and sexy SSD – it can give you a competitive edge over your in-game nemeses (mwa-ha-ha). Customisable, versatile and often crammed with cool features, the best gaming keyboards have everything you need and more to help you master whatever PC title you set your mind to… the only question is, which one should you choose?

CORSAIR K83 Wireless Entertainment Keyboard

Unique and sensational features are abundant in this savvy CORSAIR keyboard. An intuitive joystick control, complete with click buttons, allows you to play your PC games as you would on a gamepad, while integrated touchpad features boost your performance to the next level, featuring advanced Windows 10 gesture support. What’s more, comfortable contoured keycaps and a 20-key rollover make typing a dream – whether you’re chatting with your teammates or executing an awesome kill on PUBG.

That’s not all. With Bluetooth wireless, you can connect this keyboard to your PC, compatible smart TV and more, navigating your digital doodads with the ultimate ease. Convenient hotkeys for media playback and navigation make it easy to use your tech with just a simple click, while an aluminium volume roller with press-to-mute functionality ensures autonomous audio control. With so much to offer, we definitely think this one’s worth a closer look.

corsair k83 keyboard

EG Carbon MK II Red Switch Tournament Edition

Bring a little technicolour to your PC set-up with the beautiful, brilliant and ultimately badass Carbon MK II. A wired keyboard, it responds instantly to your every command, ensuring that you never have to worry about lousy lag again (yay!). Your in-game performance is bound to see a boost, too, due to its mechanical keys and switches. While the former are easier to press (making gameplay less taxing), the latter offers N Key Rollover, pushing you to perform at your peak.

It also excels in terms of everyday practicality. With 12 multimedia keys – which allow you to play songs and videos, browse the web and even organise your inbox – navigating your PC has never been easier. Get it on your desk.

Cooler Master MK850 Gaming Keyboard

Make your competitors quake in their boots with the MK850 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – packed with features and perks that’ll give you the edge in-game. Sleek Cherry MX switches ensure that your keys are extra durable and, with their low actuation force (of just 45cN), require very little pressure to register your commands. Moreover, its nifty Precision Wheels help you to adjust your volume, change colours, dial in your DPI and more, while exclusive Aimpad technology grants you all the analog powers of your favourite peripherals. You’ve got everything you need to perform at your peak.

You’ll be winning in comfort and style, too. With a magnetic wrist rest and per-key RGB backlighting, this keyboard is both functional and fashionable – an epic combination. What are you waiting for?

cooler master mk850 gaming keyboard

EG Palladium Aluminium Keyboard

Unique looks and ultra-desirable specs make the EG Palladium a definite one to watch. Enjoy premium gaming features such as 19 anti-ghosting keys, multi-function FN key combinations and a 10-million keystroke life cycle, all of which set you up to dominate whether you’re questing, fighting, spell-casting, or simply deciding which wall colour to go for on The Sims 3.

And those are just its key-based features. Its ergonomic design and heavy metal chassis ensure that the EG Palladium feels both satisfying and strong to the touch. It won’t shift an inch during even the most frenzied battles, and it’ll look good doing it. With a striking white design – complete with dynamic backlighting options – this keyboard is set to make your existing rig even more eye-catching. We’re keyn.

Razer Cynosa Chroma RGB Gaming Keyboard

We know, we know. You shouldn’t judge a keyboard by its awesome LED lighting features. That being said, the Razer Cynosa cannot help but turn heads. Explore a range of 16.8 million colour options to customise its 104 keys and underglow – generating the exact look you’d like for your keyboard – or choose from one of its dazzling preloaded lighting effects.

That’s not all. With Razer Synapse 3, you can rebind buttons, assign macros and more, finely tuning the Razer Cynosa to your particular style of gameplay – making it both look and feel totally unique to you. Final flourishes such as its soft-cushioned keys and anti-ghosting capabilities will boost your in-game performance, while its spill-resistant design will ensure it survives minor accidents. Klutz-proof and ultra-customisable… be still, our beating hearts.