EG 35” 100Hz Ultra Widescreen Curved Gaming Monitor – Worth a Buy?

EG 35” 100Hz Ultra Widescreen Curved Gaming Monitor – Worth a Buy?


EG 35” 100Hz Ultra Widescreen Gaming Monitor – Worth a Buy?


The gaming industry is taking the world by storm, and so it comes as no surprise that new, specialist brands are appearing on our radars. While you might prefer to stick to the well-known, reputable brands, sometimes it’s worth moving outside your comfort zone. Who knows? You might find a new favorite brand. With so many choices available, how do you navigate towards the perfect set up for you?

We’ve decided to make the choice a little easier. With the release of EG 35″ UWQHD Curved Gaming Monitor, we decided to put it to the test to decide if this is too good to be true. For a monitor just under £600 is it possible to live up these expectations? Indeed, brand name monitors with similar specs are almost double the price, so is this monitor just too good to be true? We decided to put it to the test and find out just how well the EG Monitor holds up against its competitors.


Who Doesn’t Love a New Unboxing?

Our initial thought upon delivery was, ‘Where can we put this?’ After all, 35” makes this screen well above the dimensions of your average monitor. After much deliberation, it was concluded that our new monitor would be perfectly suited mounted on our wall.

The monitor itself came packed neatly in polystyrene casing complete with set up instructions. Assembling the stand is simple enough. Comprised of two sturdy metal pieces, the stand easily fits together with the provided screws.

Unfortunately, we soon realised that the monitor was not VESA compatible like its predecessors, meaning mounting the monitor to the wall is almost impossible without heavy modification. There is a small slot at the back of the monitor which connects the monitor to the stand. We presume that any future wall mount setups will also be attached via this connection.

Despite the earlier setbacks, we were soon able to rig the stand in a way which allowed us to hook the monitor onto the wall, allowing us to view the 100Hz screen in all its glory.

EG 35 monitor from the front

Don’t Lose Your Head(set)

If you’re anything like us, you might appreciate the little extras that companies sometimes add to their products to make things easier for consumers. In this case, EG have added a small compartment to the back of the metal stand – a flip out piece of plastic to store headsets safely. How handy!



Visually speaking, how does it fair? On first impression, the EG 35” 100Hz has the wow factor of a highly intensive ultra widescreen, a resolution of 3440×1440, zero ghosting, E-LED backlighting and a 1ms refresh rate – perfect for gaming. A monitor of this caliber has the potential to be a real market contender.

Our first test was to understand how well suited the monitor is in regards to editing and content creation. When loading up Premiere Pro, it was immediately evident that the ultra-wide screen allowed for deeper insight into small details, with plenty of space for multiple tabs without feeling overly crowded. The ability to have a large timeline and video viewer in full view couldn’t be anymore perfect, having a surface that large could save you the time and annoyance of having to constantly fiddle and scroll across a complex timeline when you could easily have all details in full view.

We also decided to test how using it with split screen editing – the ability to have open, and see more than one editing software is extremely useful. The large screen space is exactly what editors would love to utilise when creating their content.

The size means this monitor is perfect for split screen capabilities, and having multiple editing programs viewable at the same time is extremely useful for the budding content creator.

EG 35 monitor from the side

The Games

Next it was time to discover how the EG 35” handled gaming. First up was ‘Sea of Thieves’, a game known for its stunning water visuals, vibrant colors and cartoon style, and a perfect starting point to test the limits of our new monitor.

We weren’t disappointed. The wide, curved monitor allows the player to become fully immersed in this ocean paradise. Playing a game that has soothing seas, detailed wildlife, and aesthetically pleasing sights that could put postcards to shame is somehow far more satisfying when playing on a monitor such as this.

Upon closer inspection we could find no evidence of ghosting, and experimenting with a variety of different graphics settings saw very little disruption in the visual quality.

Eager to test the full capabilities of this screen, we switched over to ‘The Division 2’, a more realistic, graphic intensive game. The cinematic and visually remarkable gameplay is only heightened by the EG 35”. Common issues such as screen tear and ghosting were nowhere to be seen, and we soon found ourselves conquering control points and endlessly looting for cosmetics.

Overall, for gamers looking to be fully engaged with the worlds inside our screens, the EG 35” is perfect.  Stunning visuals bring games to life and greatly enhance user experience. From a competitive standpoint, maybe not so much. The low Hz and wide angles are not fully utilised, and are considered lackluster for competitive players.

As a standard, most competitive gamers require a 1080p resolution, as a much higher resolution could compromise their frame rate.


Netflix and Chill?

Finally, we wanted to test the cinematic capabilities of the EG 35”. The first few minutes of our Netflix adventure quickly proved to us that the aspect ratio of the monitor didn’t match the show of choice. Or any other of our choice shows for that matter. As many shows are not yet filmed in 4k or ULTRA widescreen, the aspect ratio of almost all current shows will not allow you to utilise the monitors full potential, and viewers will be treated to thick black edges either side of the film. We found that this issue was not a problem when watching films as the aspect ratio was more likely to match that of the monitor.

While the picture quality itself was flawless, the distracting radio misalignment reminded me of watching old youtube box videos.

 EG monitor from the rear

What’s the Verdict?

As it stands, the monitor is incredible value for money. The specs, size, and overall performance is a perfect combination that offers a monitor designed for multi-use.

Despite some teething problems, the monitor is well balanced and the style is not set to expire any time soon. It is unfortunate that the EG 35” is not easily wall mountable, but it’s possible that in time a VESA attachment will become available. There is indeed room for improvement, but many of the current issues don’t require a complete overhaul, and so the ED 35” is still a great choice for the average gamer.