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Best gaming chairs 2019

Gaming can be a serious time investment so you need to be sitting comfortably – not just relaxed and cosy in your chair, but also well supported to look after your back and neck. A gaming chair will improve things enormously for you. Here are some for every budget, including the top brands Element Gaming, Arozzi and AKRacing.

Let’s be honest: we’ve all been embroiled in an instance run in World of Warcraft or an epic battle in Battlefield, and suddenly noticed three (or more…) hours have passed. Gaming is a commitment. And although it’s important to take breaks, move around, stretch, having a purpose-built gaming chair will help you avoid aches and pains. These chairs are ergonomically designed for the activities of gaming: mousing, clicking and yelling into your headset. They offer a level of strength and adjustability not found in office chairs.

1. Element Gaming 110 Chair

+ Affordability

+ High weight limit

– Fiddly assembly

This is the entry-level chair from Element Gaming. Despite being no-frills, it still offers height adjustment and a back that you can tilt up to 40˚. It’ll also support weights up to 200kg.

2. Element Gaming 210 Black/Red

+ Value and comfort

+ Adjustable arms

– Tricky to assemble

The next step up, the Element Gaming 210 is upholstered in black-and-red PU faux leather and is well padded. It’s strong and durable, and like the 110 can be adjusted vertically, the back tiled to 40˚. It also features adjustable arms which are helpful to fit with your desk.

3. Arozzi Enzo Gaming Chair – Blue

+ Thick armrests

+ Rockable backrest

– Lower weight limit

The Enzo is the entry-level gaming chair from Arozzi, purveyors of quality gaming chairs, desks and mics. Its extra-thick padded armrests are the start of the quality and comfort. The backrest can be locked for support or unlocked to allow rocking movement. The adjustable gas strut supports up to 95kg, and it comes in blue or green versions.

4. Vertagear Racing Series S-Line SL2000 Gaming Chair Black/Red

+ Perfectly padded

+ Easy-clean PVC

– Arms don’t pivot

The Vertagear Racing Series S-Line SL2000 gaming chair is a solidly made, highly adjustable option. You can customise your comfort to find the best position for protracted gaming sessions, while the high back rest offers good lumbar, neck and shoulder support. The backrest adjusts up to 150˚.

5. Vertagear Racing Series S-Line SL4000 Gaming Chair Black/Red

+ Highly adjustable

+ Breathable materials

– Not the most comfortable

Vertagear’s SL4000 Gaming Chair offers high-density padding and a contoured backrest. That backrest can be tilted up to 170˚. Made from high-quality PVC faux leather, it’s resistant to spills while the padding also prevents heat from being trapped. Supports up to 150kg.

6. Nitro Concepts S300 Fabric Gaming Chair – Stealth Black

+ Good back support

+ Easy assembly

– Fabric trickier to keep clean

This is a great chair in the mid-higher price range and available in seven colour schemes. It’s fully adjustable, including armrests, and comes with extra head and support pillows to really make sure you look after yourself. Indeed, it boasts HEAT – the Health Enhancing Adjustment Technology system – to manage the strain of long sessions. Supports up to 135kg.

7. Vertagear Racing Series S-Line SL5000 Rev 2 Gaming Chair Black/Carbon

+ Strong steel frame

+ Stylish black

– Starting to get a bit pricy

With a very sturdy steel frame and no-nonsense black/carbon style, the Vertagear SL500 is a serious gaming chair. The armrests are four-point and highly adjustable, the back tilts to 170˚ (if you enjoy gaming at extreme angles) and it comes with additional neck and lumbar support cushions. Supports weights up to 150kg.

8. Arozzi Vernazza Gaming Chair – Black

+ Swedish design

+ Sculpted head pillow

– Price

Boasting top notch Swedish design and available in seven colours, the Arozzi Vernazza is a handsome, highly adjustable chair to improve all your gaming experiences. It features a sculpted foam head pillow and a rocking function for when things get really intense. The backrest tilts up to 170˚ and supports weights up to 145kg.

9. AKRacing Core Series EX Gaming Chair – Black

+ Very strong build

+ Breathable fabric upholstery

– Fabric harder to keep clean

AKRacing offers some of the higher-end gaming chairs. The EX is its cheaper model but is still a sound investment. It’s covered in a mesh-style polyester fabric if you’re not a fan of faux leathers, and is a very sturdy build. So confident is AKRacing about its quality that it offers a five-year warranty.

10. AKRacing Core Series SX Gaming Chair – Black

+ Serious padding

+ Class 4 gas lift

– Decidedly pricy

A top-quality chair from AKRacing, the SX offers just what you’d expect at this price point in terms of comfort, adjustability and build quality. The class 4 gas lift means height adjustment is easy and reliable, the 3D armrests can be adjusted in multiple directions, and the front and back upholstery is best-quality PU leather. It also comes with a five-year warranty.

Your comfort is so important. One of these chairs is what you need so discomfort doesn’t distract you from your gaming. They can seem like a financial investment, but it’s worth it to match your investment of time and energy. Whether you want the basics or bells and whistles, you’ll find what you need here with this selection from Element Gaming, AKRacing, Arozzi and more.

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