Razer Iskur – The Ultimate Gaming Chair. Review, how-to & videos.

Razer Iskur – The Ultimate Gaming Chair. Review, how-to & videos.


You know Razer for their world-class gaming gear. From gaming keyboards and mice to high-end gaming laptops, they’ve covered nearly every base. In recent years, however, a new category has emerged and exploded in popularity – gaming chairs. Not content on slapping their logo on a basic gaming chair and cashing in early on the trend, Razer has been toiling away in their lab to create the ultimate gaming chair. Let’s assemble the Razer Iskur and find out what makes it so good.

How to build the Razer Iskur gaming chair

It took guest presenter James around 20 minutes to go from a taped-up box to a completed Razer Iskur. Check out the above video for a slick time-lapse video of the process. However, as a gaming-tech YouTuber, he’s assembled his fair share of gaming chairs so the build time will probably clock in a bit higher for first-time gaming chair owners, as you pore over the Razer Iskur’s manual.


The Razer Iskur gaming chair comes packaged securely and conveniently. Everything’s included in one big box, with foam inserts packing out any empty space for safe transport. Pieces of the chair are wrapped in plastic to avoid scuffs to the leather and all the accessories are divvied up into their own container for easier organization.


Fortunately, the manual is hard to miss. Swing the gaming chair’s box open and the very first thing you’re presented with is an enormous, brightly coloured, two-sided leaflet. On one side there’s a welcome message, links to Razer’s support portals and a scannable QR code to bring up a step-by-step video game for assembling the Razer Iskur. Flip it over and it doubles-up as a manual, with clearly legible graphics breaking down each step of the build.

Easy Build

As far as gaming chairs go, assembling the Razer Iskur is rather straightforward. But it is quite heavy. Due to its steel tube framing, a reinforced wheelbase, and high-quality construction throughout, it weighs in at over 30KG.

You may want a friend’s help to line up and hold portions of the Razer Iskur in place while you handle the screws. Building on the floor, guest presenter and chair assembly speed-runner James managed OK on his own.

The arm rests come pre-attached, streamlining the process even further. Though, to accommodate their ‘4-D’ function, the arm rests’ housing is quite hefty and may interfere with resting cross-legged. Not the most ergonomic posture, which this gaming chair tries to encourage, but the arm rests are removeable if needs be.


Broadly speaking, there’s only three main components which need assembling: the seat, back and wheelbase. And it’s not an overly taxing process.

Forming a 90-degree angle, place the back of the gaming chair on top of the base and secure it from either side using two screws. To hide the gaming chair’s exposed outer workings, pop on the included plastic covers.

Next, push each caster wheel onto the five-star pointed wheelbase, no tools required. With the chair portion and wheelbase completed, screw the pneumatic piston to the chair’s underside and hook it up to the lumbar system. Slot the chair portion onto the wheelbase and you’re done!

How comfortable is the Razer Iskur gaming chair?

Most gaming chair seats are deceptively comfortable. On first use they feel great, but sit on them for any considerable length of time and you’ll soon realise the formless, overly plush cushions don’t provide any real support or long-term comfort. Over time, they’ll quickly deflate and deteriorate – you may as well be squatting on plank of wood draped with faux-leather.

Foam Cushion

Razer takes a less common approach with the Iskur, using high-density foam cushions. It errs on a firmer, more ergonomic side we’re not used to seeing on a gaming chair, striking an ideal balance between comfort and support. Compare the Razer Iskur versus a standard gaming chair and its comfort may not blow you away instantly. Though give the dense foam cushions enough time to contour to your body shape and you’ll have a unique mould that’s comfortable to return to again and again.

Lumbar Support

The stand-out feature of the Razer Iskur compared to other gaming chairs is the pneumatic-operated lumbar support system. Like the height adjustment, the built-in lumbar cushion is operated by a lever. Nestle down into your normal gaming stance, hit the lever and the cushion lifts to conform to your lower back. This helps to encourage healthier gaming habits, propping up your posture to ensure you don’t start to slowly slouch over in extended gaming sessions.

It’s a noticeable step-up from most gaming chairs which use unsupportive pillows. On other chairs they dangle from straps which are prone to movement or are fixed in an unchangeable position, so you can’t find your sweet-spot. They call themselves ‘support pillows’, but most users end up removing them as they jut out uncomfortably and don’t align with your spine in a natural way. 

Head Cushion

The included memory foam head cushion – which easily slips over the chair’s headrest with an elastic strap – combines with the lumber system to support the entire length of your spine. Adjust the height to keep your knees at a perfect right-angle and recline up to 139-degrees, and you’ve got one of the most ergonomic gaming chairs on the market.

4-D Arm Rests

As detailed in ‘Best Gaming Mice of 2022’, everybody has their own quirky way of operating their set-up. Do you prefer to tuck yourself right into the desk and your arm’s entire length to control peripherals, or lie back and use high DPI wrist movements?

The 4-D arm rests on the Razer Iskur let you tune your set-up to your exact preference. It’s not a marketing gimmick either – they do move in four dimensions: Match your desk’s height by adjusting up-and-down. Bring them closer to your shoulders width by sliding in-and-out and forward-and-back. And rotate the rests left-and-right to angle towards your peripherals, without placing unnecessary strain on your wrists.

A properly adjusted arm rest helps support the weight of your arm. Plant your elbow firmly on the arm rest and it can be used an anchoring point for large and consistently accurate mouse movements in esports-level gaming.

Razer gaming chair design

As Razer’s first gaming chair, they needed to stand out from a saturated market. It’s a drastic change of pace from their typical output of PC gaming hardware, but the Iskur is undoubtedly a Razer product through and through.

Razer Touches

Spinning the gaming chair around, we’ve counted at least five instances of Razer’s branding. Their tri-snake logo sits front and centre, and their ‘By Gamers, For Gamers’ slogan inscribed along the cushion. ‘Razer’ is embroidered on the chair’s rear and the optional neck rest. There are ‘Razer’ indentations on the side-mounted plastic covers too. Get up from your Razer Iskur when live-streaming and your audience will know you’ve got a high-quality gaming chair.

Ultimate Razer Gaming Set-Up

Even ignoring the abundant cues, Razer’s iconic green stitching running along the gaming chair’s frame is enough to clue you in. If you’re a die-hard Razer fanboy, the black-and-green colour theming plays to their aesthetic. Sync up your RGB lighting and this gaming chair looks fantastic as part of an all-Razer battle-station, alongside their other gaming-grade hardware such as mechanical keyboards, lightning-fast wireless mice, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series-equipped gaming laptops and more.

In line with what you’ll find on most gaming chairs, the Razer Iskur adopts a race car-like bucket seat design, with firm bolstering from the shoulder area down to the legs keeping you focused on your gaming monitor. It’s angled slightly to maximise the surface area of the chair, supporting weights up to 136KG and heights from 5’6” to 6’4”.

Premium PVC Leather

Unlike the widespread use of standard ‘PU’ leather on many a gaming chair that’s prone to peeling and flaking, the Razer Iskur is comprised of a multi-layered synthetic ‘PVC’ leather. It mimics real leather convincingly and holds up to years’ of long gaming sessions. From the shiny resin layer to carbon fibre inspired touches and hexagonal stitching, the subtle details throughout the Razer Iskur makes it look and feel premium.

Razer Iskur gaming chair at Ebuyer

The Razer Iskur not only looks the part, but it’s a gaming chair you can feel confident owning for many years to come. It introduces features like the highly adjustable lumbar we don’t tend to find on gaming chairs, placing an increased emphasis on ergonomics for long-term comfort. It holds up to Razer’s scrupulous design standards with premium materials, easily slotting into even the most impressive gaming set-ups. Check out the Razer Iskur gaming chair, over at Ebuyer.