The Best 4K Gaming Monitors

The Best 4K Gaming Monitors


Best 4K Gaming Monitors 2019

Games are getting more and more gorgeous with each passing year. That’s just a fact. You only have to remember what Lara Croft used to look like in 2006 (ahem) compared to 2018 (*stunned silence*). Or watch five seconds of gameplay from the 2002 release of Spider-Man compared to the 2018, 4K-friendly version (****, Daniel).

Indeed, it’s impossible to deny how beautiful games have become… and impossible to ignore the serious glo-up gaming tech has had, too, to ensure you can make the most out of each new release. This is especially true when it comes to 4K gaming monitors, which offer lag-free, photo-realistic experiences that make gaming more of a thrill than it’s ever been. If your console or PC has the rendering capabilities to handle one, you’d be nuts not to go for it – so, which one’s right for you?

Samsung 32” UJ590 UHG 4K QLED Monitor

Jaw-dropping digits and rockin’ results come naturally to the Samsung UJ590. Boasting one billion colours, it makes games, photos and videos absolutely stunning – in no small way helped by the fact that it’s also comprised of 8.3 million pixels (four times the amount of full HD). Gameplay is incredibly immersive and much smoother, too, thanks to its use of AMD FreeSync and Game Mode, which automatically optimises your screen’s contrast so that you’re primed and ready to boss the battlefield.

But the best news? All of your games – whether released for SD, HD or Full HD technology – can be upconverted, making all of your old favourites near UHD-level quality. (We’re not crying, you’re crying.)

Samsung UE590D 28” Ultra HD FreeSync Gaming Monitor

If this tech had a Tinder profile, you’d be bananas to swipe right. Offering one billion colours (64 times more than conventional monitors) and a staggering max brightness level of 370 cd/m², everything you see onscreen will feel as though it’s right in front of you IRL. Whether it’s a leaf blowing in the wind or an enemy peeking around a boulder, this screen’s 1ms response time ensures that you’ll never miss a trick (perfect for fast-paced online battles), and content plays effortlessly due to its upgraded HDMI, supporting UHD resolutions at 60Hz. With a great finance plan and two-year warranty, there’s no reason to wait.

Asus VP28UQG 28” 4K UHD 1ms Gaming Monitor

This delicious morsel of a 4K monitor has everything – Adaptive Sync/FreeSync for seamless gameplay, the fastest in-class response time (1ms), flicker-free features and ASUS-exclusive GamePlus technology, which offers in-game enhancements and tools designed to make you a champion gamer. Photo-realistic visuals are, of course, available too, thanks to its stunning 3840 x 2160 resolution and GameVisual settings, which masterfully improve colour performance and control. Beautiful.

Acer Predator X27 27″ 4K UHD 144Hz Monitor

We’ve saved the most badass ‘til last. This diamond-cut, beast-like 4K monitor features 384 individually-controllable LED backlit zones, peak brightness of up to 1,000 nits and specific game modes – racing, sports and action – so that it can be fine-tuned to suit your (very) specific needs. Your games have never looked or played better… and you’re guaranteed that they’ll never have sounded better, either, thanks to its insanely powerful Sound BlasterX®’s Pro Gaming audio engine. Last – but certainly not least – the Acer Predator is ergonomically-designed, so you can tilt, swivel and adjust its height to suit you. You in?