Cooker Installation

When you purchase a new cooker you need to know it will be connected correctly.
Don’t worry. We take care of everything for you. Not only will we deliver your new cooker we will also connect it* for you. We’ll take away all the packaging and will even dispose of your old appliance.

Before we deliver your new cooker

Clearing the hot zone

The area above your cooker is called the hot zone. For us to be able to connect your new cooker the hot zone must be clear of any flammable items. Please ensure the hot zone is free from wood, wallpaper, sockets and wiring. We may not be able to complete the conection of your appliance if the hot zone is not clear.

Electric cookers

If you have purchased an electric cooker you need to ensure there is a sufficiently high amp rated socket available. Check the amp rating of your new cooker and ensure there is 32amp socket (for example) available where you want your cooker positioned. These sockets can be identified by the big red switch.

Gas cookers


There are strict safety regulations for gas cookers. One of which is ventilation. The cooker must be installed in a room with adequate ventilation. This can be an outside door or window. If your kitchen doesn’t have this ventilation we will not be able to connect your gas cooker.

Gas supply

Ideally there will be an existing gas supply to the connection point. If not our engineers will be able to add extra pipework of up to 1.5metres. As well as the gas supply there must be a cooker switch or three pin electrical socket within 1.5metres of the cooker’s connection point. Remember gas cookers still need an electricity supply.

Who will deliver and connect my new cooker?

Our teams of skilled engineers are all Gas Safe registered and NICEIC approved. All work will be completed professionally, safely and with courtesy. All our engineers are independently monitored for your peace of mind.

When you order a cooker from our expert engineers will:

  • Deliver the cooker to any room.
  • Unpack the appliance removing any transit brackets.
  • Connect the cooker to the existing gas or electricity supply.
  • Position the appliance so it is level and safe to use.
  • Remove and dispose of all packaging.
  • Remove and dispose of your old appliance.

Before we deliver please check:

  • The hot zone is clear of inflammable material.
  • There is an existing gas or electrical supply to the connection point.
  • There is sufficient ventilation for a gas cooker (if applicable).
  • Sufficient electrical sockets are within 1.5 metres of the connection point.
  • Our engineers will be able to access to your gas and/or electric meters.

Commercial property disclaimer

Unfortunately, our connection service is not available at commercial properties that don't have a secondary domestic meter. This includes washing machines, washer dryers, dishwashers, fridge freezers, fridges, freezers, ovens, cookers, range cookers and hobs.

*Connection charge applies