Login Problems

Having issues logging into your Ebuyer account? The usual cause of sign-in difficulty is an incorrect password.

Login Problems - Options

This can be easily resolved by using the 'Forgotten Password' link on the sign-in page to reset your details.
Remember to use the email address you gave when you registered with Ebuyer.

Troubleshooting - In rare circumstances, a password reset may not allow you to overcome your sign-in troubles. If you are still having difficulty, it could be worth checking the following:
Ensure Javascript and cookies are enabled in your browser
Double-check that you are using the same email address you used to register with Ebuyer.
Be aware that the sign-in process is case-sensitive.
Ensure that you enter your email address and password exactly as you did when you created your account.
Delete any white space either before or after your email address and password. This is more likely to occur if you cut and paste details from another source.
Your firewall may be preventing you from accessing the site. Check your firewall settings, especially if you are using the Internet Firewall Connection in Windows XP.
If you are viewing the site over a network, check with your network administrator regarding possible restrictions.
Check firewall settings in security software, such as Norton and Zone Alarm.