Safeguard your employees and get your business back to work with the help of a temperature screening camera. These cameras help to keep employees and visitors safe by providing accurate readings in real-time with automatic alarms should anomalies be detected.

How they work

Each camera uses built-in artificial intelligence to deliver incredibly accurate data. Perfect for quick and safe temperature detection.

There is no contact between camera and the employee making this a safe method of screening people entering the workplace. These cameras help keep your business functioning.

Re-open the doors to your business by using either a fitted thermal screening camera at the entrance of your premises or a handheld one to screen employees on entry. They’re a smart way of keeping everyone safe and ensures peace of mind – both for yourself and your employees.

Bullet cameras

Mount facing an entrance point to feed data in real-time to a separate screen.

Turret cameras

Mount to a ceiling and receive data to a remote screen.

Handheld cameras

Portable with its own display and can be used anywhere onsite.

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