HP Studios presents The Wolf

Device Security

Defend your network with printers that are always on guard.

Only HP printers can stop an attack the moment it starts and HP Enterprise models can self-heal with unique security features.

Continuous monitoring

Run-time intrusion detection

Detects and stops attacks while the device is running and forces a reboot to repair the system.

Check Settings

HP JetAdvantage Security Manager

This security fleet management solution checks and fixes device security settings in a reboot.


HP Sure Start

In reboot, HP Sure Start detects and prevents the execution of malicious code and self-heals the BIOS.

Check Firmware


Helps ensure only authentic HP code is loaded into memory and will reboot and notify IT if compromised

Do you feel protected with your current printer?

Why not view the HP range of Wolf-beating printers that will keep you and your business safe.

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