Inks for Epson Printers

Epson has been designing and manufacturing printers and inks since 1968 and has a reputation for producing top-quality products combined with excellent value-for-money. They are also known for their discount ink and toner cartridges, which is quite unusual for a company which produces original inks. Here we’ll give you the information you need on inks for Epson Printers.

The cost of printer inks

This is always a big talking point with people who own printers. Original inks are always going to be more expensive, as manufacturers more or less give their printers away, making most of their profits on ink sales.

Original inks

Epson inks undergo extensive research and development to make sure they work effectively and are 100% compatible with Epson printers. They produce consistent and reliable results - including crisp, clear text documents and high-quality glossy photos. They produce high-quality inks developed specifically for individual printer models.

But research and development takes time and costs money. And it’s not just the ink which is specially produced – an ink cartridge itself is quite a complex piece of equipment. It’s not just a holder some ink and nozzles.

The additional solvents and solutions added to the cartridge ensures the ink is released in carefully controlled amounts, and others make sure the paper doesn’t curl up as it dries – and these ingredients aren’t cheap.

Issues using ‘compatible’ ink cartridges

It’s hard to resist cheap ink prices, but they aren’t always what they seem – despite the promises.

Printer malfunctions: Nozzles can become clogged or your printer can’t recognise the cartridge. Non-genuine cartridges aren’t tested by Epson. Only Epson inks are specifically produced for your exact printer. Alternative inks can easily clog-up your computer, causing it to stop working altogether.

They often provide poor results: These can include; blurs, streaks, and poor detail.

Time spent fixing problems: ‘Third-party’ cartridges are often unreliable and can leak. In some circumstances, they can actually break.

Can end up costing you money: Low up-front costs are always appealing, but if you go for the ultra-cheap option and your cartridges arrive faulty, then that’s frustrating and costly. Can you be certain that a remanufactured or compatible cartridge will work? And using ‘third-party’ inks can invalidate your warranty.

There are two main-types of inks for Epson printers

Standard cartridges - these are suitable for infrequent printing and help to keep your costs down

XL - Pay a little more money and get lots more printed pages. Using the XL cartridges saves you approximately 25% of your print costs. XL cartridges are perfect for when you need to print high volumes and ideal if you are happy to make a bigger upfront investment in order to reduce the cost per page rate. Basically, you get a lot more ink for your money.

Epson’s high-end ink ranges provide something extra…

Epson has developed a range of specialist, super-high-quality inks for different requirements.

Claria Home Ink

The four-colour Claria Home Ink benefits from both pigment and dye-based inks. The black pigment is perfect for printing documents with clear text, while the dye-based cyan, magenta and yellow ink are fantastic for producing high-quality glossy photographs.

Claria Premium Ink

Photos using Claria Premium Ink are crystal clear with vibrant colours and rich, deep blacks. The photos will last around 200 years more than you do! *Based on accelerated testing.

Caria Photo HD Ink

Breath-taking quality. Photography enthusiasts and semi-professionals will appreciate the ultra-high-level images and realistic skin tones.

This ink-set is the ultimate 6-colour ink system for home photography. It features Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black inks as well as additional Light Cyan and Light Magenta inks for improved highlight reproduction. Photo printers that utilise Epson’s Claria Photo HD Ink can generate a greater number of ink droplet sizes than competitor models, producing photos of exceptional quality.

Individual ink cartridges

Epson uses individual ink cartridges across its whole range which means you only ever need to replace the single cartridge that has run out. This saves you ink and money. With combined colour cartridges you have to throw away the whole cartridge when just one colour runs out – meaning you throw away any ink remaining in the other colours.

Environment and Epson

Epson have been involved with environmental concerns for almost 50 years. In this respect they have been ahead of their time. All Epson Cartridges and products can be returned for recycling. Epson have implemented a closed system for pollutants in waste water treatment as well as other methods of protecting the environment.

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