The Intel® Optane™ SSDs open up new possibilities for high performance desktops and client workstations, empowering professional users, content creators, and enthusiasts to benefit from a first-class storage experience.

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900P 905P
Form Factors: U.2, AIC M.2, U.2, AIC
Capacities 280 GB, 480 GB 480 GB
Random 4k Read: Up to 550K IOPS Up to 575K IOPS
Random 4k Write: Up to 500K IOPS Up to 550K IOPS
Latency: <10 µs <11 µs
Endurance: 8.76 PB written (480 GB)
5.11 PB written (280 GB)
8.76 PB written
Warranty: 5 years
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