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Although Intel is justly renowned for its processors most computers will also house other Intel components all of which share the same goal of achieving top of the line performance allied with dependability and efficiency.

Intel motherboards

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As the ‘glue’ that holds a PC together a motherboard has to be reliable. And an Intel motherboard is not only highly dependable but it also allows you to build an optimised platform which is specifically tailored to the needs of your PC. Intel's motherboard technology guarantees new levels of fast, reliable performance that ensure optimal performance for the home, gaming and leisure PC user.

Intel SSD

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Unleash the potential of your PC with an Intel Solid State Drive. Quicker and much more reliable than a HDD an SSD has no moving parts and has NAND flash memory. As a result it can store and retrieve data much faster than a HDD. An Intel Solid State Drive in your PC will deliver faster boot up times, smoother running applications and low energy usage. And, if you are worried about transitioning from a HDD to an SSD, Intel provide software to ensure a smooth migration.

Intel inside

You will of course find Intel processors and components in many different products including NAS storage, desktop PCs, laptops and tablet PCs. But, wherever you find Intel, you know you will find a product that delivers quality, reliability and superior performance.