Intel Processors

One of the most recognisable names in tech Intel are renowned for their industry leading processors. Intel processors can be found in all the best devices and provide unrivalled performance.

With an Intel processor you can be sure of ultra-fast performance along with brilliant imagery and smooth operation no matter which applications or devices you are using.

Intel’s 4th generation of processors deliver incredible power and bring unprecedented performance to a range of devices including laptops, tablets and AIO computers.

Why choose an Intel 4th generation processor?

The sheer power of Intel processors deliver great looking visuals and make games and movies pop from the screen. You can literally see the difference that an Intel processor can make.

Most of us will multitask on our computers and we need a processor that can cope with the demands we place on our machines. And an Intel 4th generation processor delivers exceptional performance and allows us to switch effortlessly between applications.

Your Intel processor will allow faster start-ups and will process data at lightning fast speeds to ensure maximum performance. And, for portable devices such as laptops and tablet PCs, an Intel processor will deliver the extended battery life which is essential for mobile computing.

Which processor should you choose?

The Intel i3 processor delivers long lasting battery life and is ideal for multi-tasking. Watch movies and make the most of your games with the superior performance delivered by an i3 processor.

The next step up is the 4th generation Intel i5 processor. With its turbo boost technology the i5 delivers stunning performance and is perfectly suited for multimedia users.

For maximum performance choose the Intel i7 processor. For enterprise users, hardcore gamers and for professionals who use resource intensive applications the i7 will be able to cope effortlessly with anything you throw at it. This processor delivers incredible 3D images, long lasting battery life and added security.