Juicers & Blenders

If you are looking to embrace a healthier lifestyle having a blender or juicer in the kitchen is a great first step we can all take. Blending fruit and vegetables to create delicious smoothies or shakes makes it easy for anyone to begin their healthy eating regime.


The great thing about a blender is that it makes it so easy to eat vegetables and those good for you foods which we normally struggle to incorporate into our diet.

Let’s face it, some superfoods on their own just aren’t very appetising. But, pop them into a blender with other fruit or veg and they quickly become a nutritious, healthy, and tasty smoothie.

Whether you enjoy smoothies every day, or you are a weekend healthy eater, you can find the right blender here. Choose from basic models or those which come a variety of blades and accessories including cups or bottles.


Juicing is a quick and convenient way to eat plenty of fruit or vegetables. You can prepare your juice in a morning and take it with you to work or college and is a lot easier to carry around than whole foods.

We have a selection of juicers and fruit presses all of which are easy to use and can quickly produce all the juice you need for the day.

Next day delivery or collection

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