Kano PC

A new generation is rising.


“Introduce a child to technology without turning him or her into a screen potato.” - Fast Company

Next generation computing

The Kano PC is fast, affordable, and innovative two-in-one laptop and tablet your students will love. They'll bring to life a personal computer that does everything your class needs.

Manage your classroom

Compatible with Microsoft 365, Teams, Minecraft (each sold separately) and more. Use InTune and Autopilot for simple setup and management. Organise remote learning, set assignments, see what your students are up to.

Standard-aligned curriculum

Over a year of engaging lessons, and an online Personal Development series, help you challenge your class to problem-solve, think critically, understand technology, and become thoughtful, and creative human beings.

Self-guided learning

Powerful software teaches students at their own pace. They'll learn important skills as they make their own art, apps, games, music, and animations with simple steps, and videos.

“Spurs you to explore both hardware and software imaginatively.” - Bloomberg

More power for less

The Kano PC is faster than most more expensive laptops.

£299.99 with keyboard

CPU score: 225 - This is great

Disk Write Speed: 164 MB/s - This is fast

11.6" touchscreen - Great size

Minimum 10 hours - Simple to replace

Windows 10 Home - Powerful and simple


Anyone can build a Kano PC - WATCH OUR LIVESTREAM HERE

NEW: Make learning exciting with Kano Coding Kits

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