Kano PC

Beautiful, buildable, powerful.


“Introduce a child to technology without turning him or her into a screen potato.” - Fast Company

A new generation is rising

The Kano PC is a two-in-one tablet and laptop, with an 11.6" touch-screen, precision keyboard, and an innovative folio cover. Follow the book, plug in the pieces, and bring to life a computer that can do everything you need and more.

The Kano PC is open and transparent, so it builds your skills and understanding of technology. It's sturdy, click-in, click-out parts increase device lifetime, and status lights reveal what's happening inside.

Designed to do more

Compatible with the world's largest ecosystem of apps. Kano PC can run school, gaming, and entertainment apps like Microsoft 365, Minecraft, Roblox, Netflix, Spotify, and more.

Software studio

Teach design, coding, and creativity in a simple and fun way. Make your own art, apps, games, music, and animations with step-by-step challenges and videos. New projects and games added every month.

“Spurs you to explore both hardware and software imaginatively.” - Bloomberg

More power for less

The Kano PC is faster than most more expensive laptops.

£299.99 with keyboard

CPU score: 225 - This is great

Disk Write Speed: 164 MB/s - This is fast

11.6" touchscreen - Great size

Minimum 10 hours - Simple to replace

Windows 10 Home - Powerful and simple


Anyone can build a Kano PC - WATCH OUR LIVESTREAM HERE

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