Kaspersky Internet Security & Antivirus Software

Kaspersky Lab is a multinational firm that develops software products and services. The company is based in Moscow and has several regional headquarters globally. These offices are located in Western Europe; Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa; North and South America; the Asia-Pacific region; and Japan. The company's products are sold in over one hundred countries with and have a customer base of more than 250 million users worldwide. Kasperksy software products are designed for both home as well as office use. The Home and Home Office ranges include the Kaspersky internet security package that gives you essential privacy and security while you browse the internet, buy products or play games online.

The Kaspersky internet security 2010 & 2011 software packages protects you against bank account frauds. The software has special 'safe run mode' when you surf a questionable website or run such an application. With the added benefit of running a two way personal firewall, you are protected from any attempted malicious actions from hackers. The Kasperksy antivirus 2011 offers protection from a range of possible threats. Kaspersky 2011 also provides an open space security system that gives you protection beyond your regular workplace and to remote users. When it comes to Kaspersky Internet Security, the Small Office Security package is designed with the requirements of the small office in mind. The package is not only easy to install, it also has sensible defaults and automatic updates that protect the system effectively, without compromising on performance and efficiency.

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