Server & Data Center

Kingston server SSD products directly support the global demand to store, manage and instantly access large volumes of data in both traditional databases and Big Data infrastructures. Data center architects design performance targets for a wide range of systems, while maintaining flexibility for different workloads. Various data applications may require a range of storage to meet a variety of system specifications and workload demands. Kingston server enterprise-grade SSDs help to manage workloads such as AI, machine learning, big data analytics, cloud computing, operational databases (ODB), database applications, and data warehousing.

Kingston’s Enterprise SATA 3.0 and NVMe Data Center (DC) SSDs are designed with a stringent set of development requirements and a thorough testing process. This results in consistency for workloads requiring a balance of high random read-and-write IOPS performance. Power-failure features keep mission-critical environments up and running all day, every day.