Label Printers for Home and Business

Label printers are so useful. Are you still writing labels by hand? Or cutting up pieces of paper for addresses? Whether you’re at home or at work you’ll find dozens of uses for one. So much so you’ll wonder how you ever managed without a label printer in your life.

What is a label printer?

Let’s start by stating the obvious. Label printers print labels. No surprises so far. But things are a little more complicated than they seem.

Label printers come in many different versions including small handheld units to large desktop machines. And you can pay anything from £20 to £2,000 for your printer.

Of course, the model you buy and the price you pay depends on how you will use your printer. Whether it’s for the odd jam jar label at home or for industrial scale production of packaging labels.

Why every home needs a label printer

I have a label printer at home and I love it. I’m constantly labelling everything. From the folders in my home office to producing labels for food stored in the freezer. The printer is always on the go.

I’m sure you can think of plenty of reasons why you need one of these printers at home but here’s a few typical uses:

  • For labelling food in closed containers.
  • Putting use by dates on your food containers.
  • Labelling folders for household records.
  • Putting names on the kids school things.
  • Ingredient labels for home produce.
  • Organising craft materials and tools.
  • Easily catalogue and organise collections.
  • Label everything in the shed or greenhouse.
  • Print address labels for envelopes and packages. Ideal if you’re an eBay seller.

Why every business needs a label printer

If label printers are useful in the home they’re invaluable for businesses. In the office, the warehouse or the workshop they have 1001 uses. From labelling box files to producing shipping labels for the packing department your printer will be in constant use. And you can find a printer for every situation.

From small desktop devices to large inkjet printers with a traction feeder there’s a label printer to suit your business and budget.

What are the best label printers?

It very much depends on which labels you’ll be printing. A home user producing a few labels every now and again won’t need a high end printer. Conversely a small handheld device won’t cut the mustard in a business environment.

Handheld label printers

For occasional use a handheld label maker with its own keyboard will do the job. They’re very easy to use and the best ones have a small LED display so you can preview your text. But even within this style of printer there are different options and multiple price points.

£20 – £30 will buy a basic device. You can choose different sizes and labels are printed quickly. However, the higher spec handheld printers have a more comprehensive keyboard, hot keys and a bigger display. These types of label makers are more suited to heavy use but they cost significantly more. Around £100 for business class handheld label makers.

Desktop label printers

Small desktop printers are the most popular models for home users. They hook up to a PC and come with their own software. Very easy to operate and because they use thermal printing technology there’s no expensive inks to buy. Just keep the printer stocked up with labels and you’re good to go. They’re versatile too. You can print different size labels for labelling jobs around the home and office.

Again the price of the printers differs according to spec. Home devices start at around £40 running up to a few hundred pounds for the higher specification business labellers.

Commercial label printers

For heavy use a large inkjet label printer will be required. These commercial devices can print different types of label. Long-lasting labels, paper labels and even plastic signage for example. And they’re fast. They’ll print up to 90mm per second. The top of the range models have tractor feeders for long print runs and turn out labels which are resident to smudging, fading and water.

Needless to say these are most expensive label printers to buy and can cost up to £2,000. However, around £500 will get you a very good printer and be a worthwhile investment for any business which uses labels extensively.

Where to buy label printers

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