1. Agile working

Having two permanent places of work means there’s less travelling between home and the office – helping to save time, money and the environment. So there’s less need for a portable computer.

2. Better value

Choose a desktop computer over a portable and you can get a lot more for your money. Desktops often offer a higher spec for a lower price than laptops.

3. Larger, more powerful processor

Generally, desktop computers can fit in a lot more processing power than laptops. So you can get through more work, faster.

4. Larger screen and keyboard

Bigger screens, particularly Lenovo’s incredible high-resolution screens, are much easier to work on than smaller screens, especially if you’re working with spreadsheets or CAD.

5. Quicker, easier and cheaper to repair

Because you’re not moving your desktop computer around, unlike a portable, you’re less likely to drop it or damage it. But even if you do, it’s much cheaper and easier to get and install replacement parts for a desktop.