Small Form Factor

Compact yet full-featured

Take productivity to the next level

Powerful yet compact, the small form factor desktops boast cutting-edge memory, storage and USB technology, enabling you to multitask seamlessly. To help safeguard your data and hardware, advanced security features are built in. Easy to manage and configure, these high-performance PCs can meet your business needs now and in the future.

Power with peace of mind

Small enough to fit almost anywhere, small form factor desktops give you the power to handle anything—from multitasking and multimedia to graphic design and high finance. They also come with the assurance that any future hardware changes will not affect the preloaded software image for up to 12 months, enabling you to plan ahead.

Empower your employees to work virtually anywhere without compromising privacy and security. With modern Windows 10 Pro devices, they can chat, meet and collaborate all in one place with Microsoft Teams1, and stay productive using your company’s apps.

1A Microsoft 365/Office 365 subscription is required for Microsoft Teams.

What are you waiting for?

Small form factor desktops are designed to help you get what you need to get done, quickly and efficiently. Powered by AMD Ryzen™ Processors and with lightning-fast DDR4 memory, they take everything in their stride—from everyday computing to high-end graphic design and multitasking to data crunching.

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